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The Best Alternatives to Underground Sprinkler Systems

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Alternatives to Underground Sprinkler SystemsThe Best Alternatives to Underground Sprinkler Systems

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This article compares manual and automated irrigation systems for watering lawn, plants in the garden soil and pots.

Find out different methods to make this task easier.


Different Methods for Watering Plants

Those who have many plants know that having to water all of them manually can be a hard job. And you have probably wondered whether there are ways to simplify this process.

Even if you go on vacation, the problem of supplying plants with water while you’re not at home emerges.

The person of trust is not always sufficiently familiar with the watering issue. Quite often, one finds the plants either dried up or overwatered after getting back from vacation.

In the article below, you’ll find out how you can irrigate efficiently your garden without an underground sprinkler system, and what you have to pay attention to.

The Best Alternatives to Underground Sprinkler Systems

Watering by Hand offers an ideal irrigation tool for watering balcony plants inside at working height that needs underground systems installed.

The devices fit the hand and allow a versatile adjustment of the water jet.

With a watering rod, you have a much larger radius of action than with watering aids.
So you can easily reach plants in smaller pots on the ground or water your luxuriantly flowering traffic lights.


Irrigation for Potted Plants— Ideas and Instructions

Like all living beings, plants depend on a regular and sufficient supply of water.
This is especially true for balcony and potted ones since they cannot support themselves via their root system in case of an unforeseen contingency.
Watering in the morning and often in the evening during the hot summer months is, therefore, essential.

An automatic watering system can help and relieve you of a lot of work. Moreover, you can go on your trip without bothering your neighbors or friends.
The system is automatic and serves as a great alternative to anything installed underground. The main benefit is, of course, that you don’t have to ask a favor of neighbors to visit your house regularly.

Diy Irrigation With Bottles and Other Aids

The most cost-effective systems are simple ones, in which you put the water containers directly into the substrate of the potted plants, and they gradually release the precious water to the roots.

You can use PET or glass bottles with solid walls (those with flexible walls don’t work!), fill them with water, and simply put them upside down into the pre-watered substrate.

You can leave the lid on the bottle so the plants won’t be overwatered, but, of course, you have to perforate it, or instead, you can also use screw-on watering cones made of clay or plastic, which also reduce the amount of water released.

Watering balls, which are usually made of glass or clay, work according to a similar principle.

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Diy Irrigation With Bottles and Other Aids - Alternatives to Underground Sprinkler System

Homemade Irrigation Bottle


The Bathtub Principle

If you don’t have any system like this, you can always use a simple solution called: The Bathtub Principle

If you have many smaller pots on your balcony that need to be taken care of during a short absence and installing an underground sprinkler system is not an option, you can place them in the bathtub. The latter should be lined with thick towels and filled about five centimeters high with water.

If you do not have a bathtub, a paddling pool or another large container will do the same.
Instead of towels, you can also bed the pots in plant