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Best garden Hose Reel for 2022 You’ll Love-Review and tips

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After reading countless reviews about garden hose reel, until I started seeing double… I believe I was able to narrow down and bring the best list of the best garden hose reel.

With the best prices, best materials and the best reviews.

If you have any questions or special requests, just Wright in the comments below, I promise to return to you with an answer

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best garden Hose Reel introduction

A garden hose reel is a cylindric spindle that’s used for hose storage. Hose reels are made of a range of materials, as well as metal, fiberglass, or plastic. The mechanism of the hose reel may

be motor-driven, spring-driven, or a hand crank. They can be portable and able to attach to a cart, trailer, or truck, or they can be fixed in one location.Best garden Hose Reel for 2020 You'll Love-Review and tips - looking foe a garden hose reel storage,in this article i review the best garden hose reel cart.such as : garden hose reel metals,garden hose reel wheels,garden hose reel steel and more.find out what is the best garden hose reel irrigation for you.

A hose reel should do three things well: reel in a hose simply, make hose extension easy and be able to store garden hoses conveniently and accurately. Buyers additionally choose a hose

reel by their pressure rating, by what technique they use to rewind, and by the length and diameter of the hoses, they’ll hold.

Garden hose reels will create your life lots easier by preventing longer hoses from turning into entangled, reducing the potential for tripping or different accidents, and improving a gardener’s potency by providing superior handling and management.

In this article, I’ll look at: why you must use a hose reel and the way to decide on the most effective hose reel for your individual needs. We’ll additionally cover a number of the most effective hose reels on the market right now.


Some Benefits of the Garden Hose Reel

There are several reasons behind you must keep a hose reel for your garden. Here some advantages that is why each gardener should want the best hose reel for gardening.

Firstly, among them, the topmost benefit would be it extends a hose’s lifespan. When you work on and the hoses lay down the ground it gradually damages the hose’s functionality and often causes leakage. With its help, you can extend its life up to five years.

Secondly, you will be able to stay safer and secure Due to, a well-designed best hose reel will reduce the chance of gas, oil or water leak. Sometimes once your hoses are simply lying around, there’s a strong chance it could lead on to leaks and suffer damage. With the simplest hose reel, you’ll be able to avoid the chances.

Thirdly, you will be able to handle the hose more efficiently. Instead of moving the pile from one side to another you can control the hose just by reeled up.

Four, Convenience, I’m all about doing less work in the garden if I can. In fact, I want all of my garden tools to do most of the work, and my role is just to operate them. Hose reels help me offload a number of the cleanup work to a device.

No longer will I have to arduously unravel my hose, water my yard, and then make sure to carefully wrap it in a loop when I’m done. The hose reel takes care of all of that on behalf of me.


Top Rated Garden Hose Reel Reviews:

1.GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 82-Feet With Convenient Hose Guide

Best garden Hose Reel GARDENA Retractable Hose ReelI like this sturdy design because you can mount the box on the wall and still take the hose reel down if you need to. Being able to take the hose inside is a helpful feature to have if you live in a cold area and want to keep your hose inside during winter to protect from the frost.

The automatic feature means you can pull the hose to the desired length, at which point it locks.

Then when you are ready to tidy away the hose, you simply need to guide the hose as it retracts into the hose reel. Easy Peasy! One of the most tiresome tasks of gardening is winding up a long hose and this product makes the task straightforward.

The only thing with innovations like automatic roll-up mechanisms is that I would always worry that as a more complex mechanism there is potential this will go wrong and then render the whole product unusable. I think if you go for a product that rolls up automatically then a German brand is a good choice and gives confidence that the mechanism will not go wrong, at least not for some time!

The hose reel includes a high-quality 25-meter hose in this case. the look and style, look tidy and I believe the hose reel will look good in most gardens.

Another benefit is that the connecting hose between the box and tap is 2 meters, this makes the product very flexible and you can situate the box in a variety of locations. Sometimes right next to the tap is just not the best place and I think it is good they have considered this point in their design.

Gardena is a German brand, which oozes reliability and quality. If you have the budget I think this product will be a good choice.


  • A quality, reliable German brand

  • Automatic winding

  • You can take the hose down from the wall, and take the reel inside if required

  • 2-meter connector hose making the box flexible to mount on the wall in different locations

  • Nice tidy design and style

  • Quality connectors for longevity

  • 25-meter quality hose included.


  • The product is priced at the high end and will not suit every budget

  • There is potential that the winding system could go wrong, leaving you needing to buy a whole new unit

  • Needs some work to fit the product to the wall

2.Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

best Garden Hose Reel liberty hose reelThe 704 hose Reel comes fully assembled, and is functional as well as stylish. Simply attach the handle and mount it on the wall of your selection. Its heavy-gauge cast-aluminum construction, complete with a powerful powder-coated end can provide its owner with years of use. This model weighs 11.6 pounds and measures 15″ x 22.8″ x 15.4″. the mounting holes measure thirteen and a half” upright on-center and sixteen ” horizontal on-center.

Construction on this wall mount hose reel is top-notch – leak-free and solid metal. Torque the hose up tightly once you first install it, and you should don’t have any issues. This reel glides effortlessly using the slightest of pulls, and rolling it back is just as simple. It additionally fits well into the most difficult of areas. in the off probability that some parts can wear out or break repair parts are cheap and readily accessible.

This attractive hose reel looks very nice with any house color and makes wrapping up a hose the simplest of tasks. It conveniently keeps the hose from lying down on the ground and protects the hose from any dirt, bad weather, and kinking. Despite its good look, this hose reel is sturdy and might be used for heavy-duty commercial applications.

Other features of this good quality garden wall-mounted hose reel are normal 16″ horizontal mounting holes, a brass swivel, very smooth winding capability, a clear on-line owner’s manual with simple directions, and useful manufacturer. This unit shouldn’t be exposed to freezing temperatures, and also the water shouldn’t be left running unsupervised.


  • Rust-free Aluminum, and has aluminum and brass plumbing fixtures with a weather-resistant powder coat finish

  • Easy Assembly

  • Includes a shelf perfect for garden tools, nozzles, or 5 ft. of leader hose

  • 125 Feet Hose

  • Performs flawlessly and makes bulky garden hose handling a snap

  • Affordable price


  • Harder to crank compared to different models.

  • Finish wore off for a few users after about a year of use.  


 3.Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway with Smart Trak Hose Guide

best Garden Hose Reel Suncast CPLSSM200B
This is another premium and extremely suggested hose reel of a Suncast manufacturer. It comes with a reasonable price that you may be seeking for as well. More than that, it is capable enough of holding up to a 225-foot-long hose for your convenient use as well.

What’s more, it is an automatic garden hose reel that provides ease time for use without any doubt. And, if you are looking compact one for your house with economical price along with astounding features, this one can’t be skipped over for real.

A stationary hose reel comes with a white and brown box and kept on the ground. For the user’s comfortability, it comes with 2 stakes to make certain it stays firmly on the ground. In this case, we would like to recommend you buy two extra so that you can have one at each corner.

The unit has a very considerable capacity of 225-feet long hoses. For this reason, winding and unwinding the hose is really a breeze. Here the handles placed higher than alternative similar units, so this best retractable water hose reel needs less bending over required. Most people worry regarding assembly when they had to buy a garden hose. But here is the opposite case, assembling the unit is really simple, it will take only 15-17 minutes to assemble and then see its ready to go.


  • It has a large hose capacity.

  • Stakes hold base securely to the ground.

  • Automatic Garden Hose Reel.

  • Base swivels for easy unwinding of the hose.

  • 225-Foot-Long Hose

  • Affordable Price


  • The winding mechanism could wear down after a year or more.

  • Issues with poor quality control.  


4.Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Industrial 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

best Garden Hose Reel liberty 870 hose reelFor this premium one, it is the best for everyone no matter who you are, it is constructed of high-quality materials – a non-slip handle, 13 gauge steel, galvanized brass fixtures, a 90º brass swivel connector, and a long-lasting powder coat finish. It also has 10″ pneumatic tires that give nice maneuverability, and its low center of gravity keeps this unit from tipping.

For the cart, it is made of steel construction with weather-resistant features to guarantee long-term use that you will be impressed with. More than that, it is equipped with a non-slip handle for your safety while using it as well.

More importantly, it provides ease in assembling like others as well. Not least, it is capable of holding up to 300 feet of hose that is so brilliant feature. With this one, it is all you need to take good care of your garden for real.

Many reviewers noted that this unit is so sturdy that they will never consider purchasing plastic hose reels again. It is packed well and very easy to assemble. Some people use this unit to store generator cord reels and are very happy with its performance. whether or not you’re a commercial or home landscaper or an expert gardener, you will find that the liberty Garden 870-M1-2 Industrial 300 Hose Reel Cart fulfills all of its positive reviews and can add enjoyment and ease to your outside work.


  • Steel Construction

  • Has a hose-carrying capacity of three hundred feet. long hoses.

  • Non-slip Handle.

  • Very durable, and reels in heavy hose effortlessly.

  • Premium Tires.

  • Easy to assemble, quick shipment, and fairly priced.


  • Can tip over once you are reeling the hose back in.

  • 4 pneumatic tires should be kept inflated (but they make it simple to wheel it around).


5.Yard Butler SRWM-180 Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

best garden hose reel YARD BUTLER SRWM-180 hose reelPeople who are searching for an interesting hose reel Yard butler SRWM-180 Wall-Mounted Hose Reel could be a very reliable choice for them. First of all, it features a lifetime warranty that protects your investment. Secondly, there aren’t any plastic elements with this reel, which means the product designed to be last longer, stronger and a lot of durable. Its mounting holes have good spacing, and they go with two wall studs to attach securely.

It made of heavy-duty steel with brass couplings and stainless steel components. Also, it comes with a bracket mounting system that is very strong.

The hose reel can hold 5 to 8 inch thicker 100 feet hose without any issue. Not only this, but the Yard Bulter SRWM-180 also comes with efficient design to reel your hose easily from any angle. Rather it features bracing that stops sagging, and also the steel used to build is rustproof also. Another advantage, it’s extra wide, therefore it permits the reel to swivel 180 degrees.

It is lightweight, so it makes handling easy. Hereafter its sizing is great as well and won’t cause any difficulties.


  • Rustproof, easy to roll up.

  • It can hold up to 100 feet long hose.

  • High capacity, very affordable.

  • The hose does not twist or tangle.

  • Can reel hose from any angle.

  • Come with a lifetime warranty including breakage and leakage.


  • Issues with smooth operation.

  • Few complained the short connection hose is a little bit flimsy.



6.Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air Hose Reel, Lightweight, Hybrid, ZillaGreen – L8250FZ

best garden hose reel Flexzilla RetractableThis product, which comes with a 50-foot hose, is designed to be mounted on the wall or the ceiling of your workspace, which gives you more versatility when you need to find a location that gives you easy access to the hose. It additionally contains a hose stopper that’s designed to lock the hose in 18-inch increments, therefore there’s no excess hose getting in the way.

The hose tends to retract rather slowly when there is air inside. This means that you may need to release the air in the hose before you store it away. In addition, the hose that connects to the air compressor is a bit short, which may mean that you need to place it in a specific location in your workspace.

The hose that comes with this product is designed to be more flexible than most. In fact, it has no memory, which means that it will lie flat when it is not being used. This helps prevent kinks from forming in the hose. Additionally, the hybrid polymer material even remains flexible in weather that is up to 40 degrees below zero.

If you are looking for a product for a small work area, then this Flexzilla air hose reel may be a great option to consider. It is a durable product that can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, and it’s designed with durable materials that are adjustable and easy to use.


  • The bracket can swivel up to 180 degrees.

  • It’s made of very durable materials.

  • It has anodized aircraft aluminum fittings that will last.


  • It only has a working pressure of 150 PSI.

  • The hose gets dirty easily.  


7.RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

best garden hose reel RL FLO-MASTER 65HR8 hose reelOperating the RL Flo-Master 65HR8 is simple, just simply pull the hanging hose on the side and the lock can release. As a result, the hose will go back to the box with none cranking or bending of the hose.

There is no choice to anchor it to the ground. The structure of this mounting bracket allows for a few mobilities, making the water hose reel able to rotate 180 degrees for simple irrigation.

In winter if you don’t want to use the product you can easily remove the watering hose from the box and store it in a safe place. In this way, you can prevent the weather from damaging it. Remember it’s not advisable to leave the hose with water inside during cold temperatures if so it will damage easily with no options.Best garden Hose Reel for 2018 You'll Love-Review and tips - looking foe a garden hose reel storage,in this article i review the best garden hose reel cart.such as : garden hose reel metals,garden hose reel wheels,garden hose reel steel and more.find out what is the best garden hose reel irrigation for you.#reel#cart#hose

Its technical design is very comfortable and can meet all the demands of a customer. The best retractable water hose reel also has an extra finishing preventing the hose from rubbing and leaking which is really commendable Moreover, the hose reel does not cost more, it’s below $100 which is nice for a retractable Eley hose reel.


  • It has an automatic guide to stop the hose from overlapping while retracting.

  • Mounting brackets allow 180-degree swivel.

  • Can hold 65′ of reinforced 5/8″ hose without any problem.

  • Come with a unique winding system.

  • Made for a long performance.


  • No options for choosing the color.

  • During winter, it doesn’t give superior performance.  


8.Best Choice Products 300ft Water Hose Reel Cart

best garden hose reel - BEST CHOICE hose reelIf you are seeking a large wheel garden hose reel cart, this one is probably your prioritized choice. It is a heavy-duty garden hose reel cart which you can rely on all the time. More than that, its body is made of a durable steel frame coated with powder to ensure long-term use.

The design of this hose cart is attractive as well can hold up to 175 feet longer hose with ease. With its easy-crank design, winding and unwinding the hose is simple, you do not need to put a lot of pressure on working it. After you begin reeling it makes certain to get the hose straight. Otherwise, you might run into trouble as you roll more and more onto the frame.Best garden Hose Reel for 2020 You'll Love-Review and tips - looking foe a garden hose reel storage,in this article i review the best garden hose reel cart.such as : garden hose reel metals,garden hose reel wheels,garden hose reel steel and more.find out what is the best garden hose reel irrigation for you.#reel#cart#hose

This heavy-duty hose reel can handle up to 300 feet of standardly sized garden hose. To fit in the outdoor use it features a simple, industrial pushcart design in green that makes it suitable for outside.

It equipped with a foam-padded handle and solid steel wheel axles, therefore winding your hose is going to be a breeze with its help. Not only this the hose outfitted with four 10.5-inch wheels, but it also makes quite easier of rolling over any kind of surface with ease.

These reels will use on big gardens and farms, as a result of their simple to move around, and may hook up to any available spigot.


  • Affordable Price

  • Easy to roll with good wheels.

  • It comes with an attractive design.

  • Winds hose nicely.

  • Steel Frame Construction

  • Industrial materials used to build, durable.

  • Heavy-Duty Performance

  • The 10.5 in wheels allow roll smoothly over uneven ground.


  • Due to smaller in size, loading bags of leaves and others have limitations.

  • Issues with the poor quality more ware nozzle.  


Types of Garden Hose Reels

There are four basic types of garden hose reels – manual (which we won’t be addressing today), wall-mounted, cart, and stand-alone. Some thought should be given to make sure that you are purchasing the correct best garden hose reel for your needs. Other considerations are – Is it retractable or not? How moveable do you need it to be? Can the hose reel be large enough to have the capacity for the length of your garden hoses?


Wall-mounted hose reels is either parallel or perpendicular, or both. A parallel mount can pull the hose out on the side of a wall, and also the perpendicular mount can pull the hose straight out and away from a wall. Several users like wall mounted hose reels due to their low price. If you do not have to take a reel with you to different locations, a wall-mounted unit is also the best choice for you.


A cart hose reel holder offers the convenience of having the ability to move your hose reel to completely different locations. Cart holders are excellent for those gardeners who don’t want to leave their hoses outside – they’ll simply use the cart holder to roll their hoses within a garage or shed. They’re particularly helpful for a bigger yard. Simply wheel your cart to whatever section of the yard desires attention – several carts will hold 300′ long hoses.

Professional landscapers and those people that work in plant nurseries and business gardens tend to like hose carts. a decent cart with durable wheels makes it easy to move over the moderately rough terrain.


A stand-alone hose reel is a good choice for the person who does not need to attach a reel to a wall of their house, however, is looking for a reel with a retractable system which will hold 50′-225′ of a hose. Drilling holes into certain types of walls can be quite difficult, and might not be an option for some people, including renters who can’t drill holes anywhere on the property. Stand-alone hose reels are so popular that firefighters in some situations even use them. It’s also a good choice for people who are moving soon and don’t want to leave their hose reel behind.


Hose Reel Features & Benefits

Perhaps the most necessary feature of a decent hose reel is that it does not leak. Although it isn’t critical to be leak-free, a reel that will leak can become very annoying in a very short period of time. Make sure that the hose reel you buy comes equipped with a higher quality swivel that’s leakproof.


The more you intend to use your hose reel, the stronger you’ll need it to be. People that live in areas with a 12-month growing season and have very large yards and gardens to care for will need a more durable hose reel than those people who have smaller yards and a 3 or 4-month growing season. Choose an aluminum-alloy for lighter weight strength, or stainless steel or lead-free brass hardware for heavy-duty, more commercial and more expensive options.


Consider the weight, if your home has different outside areas that require some tending to. With this intention, a portable hose reel will assist you to move the hose around ease. There are different types of portable reels offered in the market, therefore you don’t need to worry regarding choosing a single one.  Look for a wall-mounted hose reel, which is ideal for a semi-permanent location.


Most garden hose reels are made from plastic or metal (mainly brass, aluminum or steel). Rust is trouble for equipment, which spends a lot of time outdoors. If you cannot stand rust and do not want to apply rust-prevention measures, then you must be searching for a top-quality plastic resin model. Confirm that the plastic reel you buy is top quality since less expensive plastic tends to crack if used in higher temperatures.

Stainless steel or aluminum alloys are the most effective choices for metal hose reels. Eley Hose Reels are among the best within the business and come with a 10-year no-break, no-leak, and no-rust guarantee.

Consider the Length

Before choose length, you have to consider for what purpose you want to use it. Suppose, if you only need to cover your balcony or small rooftop garden then a 25 ft hose would be the best. Besides, for an urban yard, 50 ft length will work well. Even you can add some extra length later by joining to extend the length if needed. But, in general, the best wall mount hose reels come with 10 to 100 ft lengths.


Auto rewind is one amongst the great perks of shopping for a slightly costlier hose reel. You’ll want to look for a winding mechanism that is simple to operate and features a steel retraction spring if you’re interested in top of the line retraction. Using water power to do the work of winding is also an excellent option. A good hose reel will automatically wind up the hose by using a water-propulsion internal winding mechanism.


Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Models

Quality hose reels may cost around $200 or less, and a few good models may cost about $80. Lower priced models will almost definitely be made with plastic elements and can break easily.

The first factor to think about once selecting a hose reel is to make sure that it’s an aluminum water-system, which is found on most higher-end metal hose reels. Aluminum water systems eliminate leaking much better since they are approximately eight times stronger than cheaper plastic water systems. Aluminum systems can help to prevent cracking caused by accidental freezing.


Inexpensive hose reels are everywhere. They start out at about $25 and range to approximately $70. The problem with these reels is extensive. First of all, they have a tendency to be made from low-cost plastic which often only lasts about a season or so. Second, there’s sometimes not a watertight connection between the hose and the hose reel, and the leak is constantly present. Third, any rubber on it can crack in a very short period of time.

The eight hose reels that I tend to, are reviewing range in worth from $80 to $230. My favorite choice, the Eley Wall Mount Hose Reel, has a current price tag of around $150. For this price fully, 97 of on-line reviewers rated it as either five or four stars. Only a couple of reviewers had problems with it, and most of these problems concerned packaging problems and unhappiness with the web instructions.


Before shopping for a brand new hose reel, you must troubleshoot any leaks you may have. There may be an easy fix like a replacement of a rubber gasket or tightening up a hose connection. Best garden Hose Reel for 2020 You'll Love-Review and tips-looking for a garden hose reel storage, in this article I review the best garden hose reel cart on the market today. garden hose storage ideas simple|garden hose storage ideas products|garden hose storage reel|modern garden hose storage|garden hose reel wheels|garden hose reel boxes|garden hose reel cart|garden hose holder ideas|garden hose stand home|best garden hose reel. #hoseREEL#hoseCART#reelCART#hoseSTORAGE#hoseHOLDER#hoseSTANDIdentify the source of your leak by moving the hose fully and pressurizing it. Check, clean, and replace all rubber gaskets with silicone grease. Tighten the connections wherever the leak was detected. Use a wrench to tighten metal-to-metal connections. Make certain not to over tighten a connection that’s metal-to-plastic since plastic might break. Next (only on plastic water systems) check for any cross-threading. Then call the manufacturer with any questions.

If you wish to buy a new reel, make certain to shop for a hose reel featuring an aluminum or brass fittings. Once attaching the hose to your water system outlet or your leader hose to a water-system inlet, make certain to avoid cross-threading. This is important if your hose reel contains a plastic water system. If you are doing across the thread, the hose coupling’s metal threads might cut plastic water-system threads and cause a permanent leak.


Next, check for any defective O-rings. Check your manual or manufacturer website to confirm the correct size of replacement O-ring you will need. Detach the reel from the hose, use a screwdriver to remove any bolts, remove the shield, and then install the new O-ring. Next, oil the bushings using a paper or towel, and spread it over the knob, shaft, bushings, and the rest of the part. Let it seal and dry before adding a final coat of lubricant.

If the hose reel has been all winter in storage, put a small little bit of silicon grease to each rubber gasket present on all accessories and hoses. If there are any dried out or missing gaskets, they have to get replaced.

‘when you are getting ready for winter, drain all the water out of your hose reel and put it indoors. If you cannot put it indoor, confirm you disconnect the reel from the spigot, take away any attachments or nozzles and take away any remaining water. Most manufacturers suggest disassembling the garden reel at this point and spraying it with a finish-protecting clear coat. Some reviewers suggest that after every season the unit should be completely cleaned and painted, using transparent acrylic paint. For any water damage in your garden reach kick flood and water damage restoration company for quick restoration for less cost.

best garden hose reel Summary

All these best garden hose reels reviews, I did after lots of research, depending on discussion within the forum and reviews of honest users. So, hopefully, these can do nicely at keeping your garden nice and tidy. Also, go for the long term. If you would like to use a hose reel cart with wheels on a daily basis then you’ve got to make sure it has the best quality as possible.

If you do love gardening, a garden hose reel should be purchased without thinking twice or any doubt at all.

With the best hose reel, it’ll be easy for you, watering your garden all the time and it additionally saves your precious time doing alternative tasks also.

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Best garden Hose Reel for You'll Love-Review and tips
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