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Best sprinkler controller – choose wisely for your garden!

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After reading countless reviews about the best sprinkler controller, I believe I was able to narrow down and bring the best list of the smart sprinkler controller.

With the best prices, and the best reviews.

however,If you have any more questions or special requests, just Wright in the comments below, I promise to return to you with an answer

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Best sprinkler controller


One of the most precious resources we’ve got is water. Watering our gardens is one of the most ecologically unfriendly things we tend to do, not to mention a serious assignment.

Smart sprinkler systems do not just give better-control and a lot of accurate irrigation of your lawn and outside plants, they’re going to assist you to save on water bills, they assist you to keep your lawn green and sprinkler system for your garden-In this article, you'll learn about Things You Need to Consider When Buying a sprinkler system control. I reviewed the best automatic sprinkler system in the market today! best sprinkler water|best sprinkler products|best sprinkler system|sprinkler controller|sprinkler control system|garden automatic watering|garden sprinkler system yards|above ground sprinkler system backyards|sprinkler system timer. #sprinkler#system#automatic#garden#controller#yard#lawn

If you’re the type, who is busy all the time, but have to be sure you’re not neglecting your lawn, this device is going to be very helpful for you.

Deciding on the most effective best smart sprinkler controller for your irrigation system may be a confusing task as it’s not quite clear what product is worthwhile or not.

This article will offer you some insight information about the quality, reliability and the ease of use of some of the most important Smart Wi-Fi irrigation controllers currently on the market.

There are so many brands and products out there, that offer great features and services. and It might be a bit overwhelming looking into it and checking each detail that every product has.

That’s why it’s important that you understand exactly what you’re looking for, once you decide which brand and products you should get.


Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Sprinkler Controller

You might assume at first that you need to just purchase any smart sprinkler controller, and let it do its work for you.

However, you need to think about all the things you must take into account, once you buying your own sprinkler controller.

Each product is exclusive and comes with different options. therefore you need to be sure that the sprinkler controller you get has all the options you need for your lawn.

Here are the features your sprinkler controller should have:

Real-time weather integration: A decent smart sprinkler controller will have the ability to synchronize and measure weather feeds automatically. It should be able to allow you to leverage environmental conditions, and allow you to avoid wasting water and use it more effectively.

Some sprinkler systems are able to connect with sources like, NOAA, and much more.

The ability to deal with multiple areas: There are smart sprinkler controller systems that come with the ability to manage multiple areas.

This is very helpful because it allows you to properly and simply manage the different parts of your field.

With this feature, you’re able to scale the complexness of how much water each part of your lawn desires.

App control: With this feature, you are able to control and monitor your smart sprinkler system, simply and directly from the app.

you can even receive alerts and notifications based on your preferences.

Advanced Customization: Your smart sprinkler system should allow you to customize and adjust your watering level and change your timing for every zone in your field.

The ability to integrate with different devices: This feature will allow your smart sprinkler controller to integrate with your other smart devices like Amazon Echo or IFTTT.

Works as advertised: you would like to see that the sprinkler system you’re attending to purchase, really works as advertised.

Confirm that the brand or the manufacturer has not just been overpromising and then not delivers.

therefore reading many reviews is extremely useful, when you are getting a new product that you need.

Price: you might think that when you have a low budget, you’ll only afford smart sprinkler controller that doesn’t have very high quality.

That’s not true at all. Most sprinkler controller systems will range from $100 to $300.

although most costly systems can provide you with better options and quality, some of those with lower prices that provide competitively low costs have great options and a Reliable and effective product.



1. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

Best smart sprinkler controller Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllerin my opinion, this is the top choice, a smart sprinkler controller should be a device who is simple to install and control, has all the functions you’d expect and additionally keep your plants healthy and pretty, using the water in the most effective way. The second-generation model from Rachio pretty much suits that description perfectly.

The Rachio smart sprinkler controller allows its owner to adjust their irrigation system at any given moment from any location. You’ll view schedules, run sprinklers or share controller access using any Android, iOS or PC. This Rachio device has the Functionality to optimize and schedules automatically to the most recent forecast, therefore, those wasted situations like watering in the rain or watering in hot hours should never happen.

The 2nd generation model calculates exactly the amount of water required for your yard, by using advanced algorithms. According to Rachio, using this controller can assist you to save to 500th on watering by irrigating efficiently. Connecting with smart home platforms like Alexa works very well and because of this integration, you’ll be able to do all kinds of vocal commands like as an example to run zones or set rain skips.

Looking at the market for this kind of devices you will be hard-pressed to find a better deal, such great value for money, like the second generation of Smart sprinkler controllers from Rachio. All in all, this is a high-quality product, recommended for a more customized and simplified gardening experience.


  • Works with Alexa.  Management watering with your voice. Use over a hundred different voice commands to run zones, set rain skips and more.

  • Control from everywhere. Download the Rachio app to manage your system on a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

  • Adapts to local weather. Rachio can automatically jump over a date, if you expect rain and change the watering times as the season change, help you save water and cash.

  • Reduce your water bill.  Save up to 50% on your garden watering bill with Water Sense certified technology. Check your local water supplier for rebates (often up to 100 percent of retail value).

  • Customize to your yard. Estimate – input zone details like soil type, plant type, and sun exposure to let Rachio automatically set up the most effective watering schedules for your garden.

  • Works with connected home systems, including Amazon Echo and Nest. Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) required. Supports dedicated 2.4GHz and dual-band networks

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

2. Rain Machine Touch HD-12 Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller,2nd Generation,6.5-Inch

Best smart sprinkler controller RainMachine Touch HD-12If you have a higher budget and you are looking for a smart sprinkler controller with the best quality, I highly recommend this sprinkler controller system by Rain Machine. First of all, this controller can help you save up to 80% of the water every month or even every week due to its automatic climate reading technology. It pulls up multiple weather information from different sources like NOAA, METNO, and Wunderground. This feature is very helpful because it can assist you to get the most accurate weather network for your lawn.

if you like using different apps and devices, this system will allow you to have access to it via your iPhone, your Android device or your computer browser. Which means you’ll be able to simply check your dashboard statistics and control your entire system where you’re.

it doesn’t matter if you are at home or you are out of the city, you’ll be able to simply activate or schedule your watering system.

Another factor that you’re going to like, this wireless irrigation controller system comes with a 6.5” touchscreen color display. This can allow you to monitor your sprinkler activities with your fingertips. Its style is extremely sleek and attractive and it’s also simple to use. You’ll be able to simply install it with the assistance of the instructions step-by-step.

Finally, this sprinkler controller system may be a little expensive compared to the other sprinkler control systems, however, it’ll still be worth it, because it is equipped with so many great options, which will simply help you a lot in watering your lawn anytime, anywhere.

You’ll definitely like how it will integrate with Amazon Alexa, Nest, WINK and smart Things via IFTTT. It’s also designed to work continuously even once your Wi-Fi suddenly goes down as long as you have set or programmed it beforehand.


  • Save water with daily weather adjustments. Use multiple weather sources from NOAA, METNO or Wunderground.

  • I Phone and Android computer browser access with lovely dashboard stats, control from anywhere.

  • EPA Water Sense certified. Check local water municipality for rebates! Downloads weather data every six hours. Indoor use only.

  • Open API; integrate with Alexa, Nest, WINK and smart Things through IFTTT. Only reliance is noaa.GOV weather forecast, continues to work even once Wi-Fi is down. Bright 6.5 in.

  • AC input:24 VAC

RainMachine Touch HD-12

3. Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 12-Station WI-Fi Sprinkler System Controller, Works with Amazon Alexa

Best smart sprinkler controller Orbit 57950 B-hyve SmartAnother Wi-Fi sprinkler controller that you want to consider is the one by Orbit. There are plenty of good reasons why I like this product. First, it’s equipped with a B-hyve app that works well for Android, iOS and even web devices. This app can allow you to have full control over the system, no matter where you are. You can either set your timer on the app itself or you can simply, let its weather-based software system, set a program for you.

Furthermore, this system comes with a Weather Sense technology, which will provide watering based on your garden conditions. This means that the watering system can rely on your soil type, the sun or the shade, the forecast and live weather feed.

With this feature, you’re able to save more water and cash, because it allows you to adjust your system according to the correct amount of water that your lawn desires.

You’ll even be able to save more water by integrating your B-hyve timer with the use of Catch Cups or Orbit 26250. With this controller, you’ll be able to save 50% more water.

I particularly like this feature since it’ll not just assist you to keep your plants healthy, it’ll also assist you to save money, by not wasting and using too much water.

Finally, you’ll also be going to like that, this system works fine with Amazon Alexa. This means that you simply can use voice control to activate your watering system. I think this will make everything so much easier. The only issue is, although this device is less expensive than the other devices if you do not have Amazon Alexa, and you would like to be able to control your system with only simple vocal phrases, you’ll be got to purchase it separately. Even the Catch Cups or Orbit 26250 is sold separately.


  • The B-hyve app is fully functional for Android, iOS or web devices and gives you control where you need it.

  • SMART WATERING – Weather Sense technology provides watering based on website conditions like slope, soil type, and live weather feeds. It automatically adjusts your controller to deliver the correct amount of water to your plants.

  • Utilize the swing panel for simple access to the angled wiring terminals, that makes wiring easy and convenient.

  • The Orbit B-hyve WI-Fi sprinkler timer comes in a weather-resistant case and a locking cabinet.

  • WATER SAVINGS – Integrate your B-hyve timer with use of Catch Cups (Orbit 26250) to save up to five hundredth more.

  • VOICE control – Works with Amazon Alexa for voice management (Alexa device oversubscribed separately). Visit for a quick guide.

  • USE WITH 110V only – Compatible and compliant only with North America electrical. International versions are available outside North America.

 Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart

4. Rain Machine Mini-8, Cloud Independent, The Forecast Sprinkler, Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, 2nd Generation

Best smart sprinkler controller RainMachine Mini-8This is the Rain Machine Mini-8, currently, in its second generation type, that has been considerably improved to deliver the most reliable and accurate performance. Providing the most state of the art technology, this irrigation controller has some good potential, therefore it’s been included in this list.

Besides its good water conservation abilities, it gathers meteorology data from multiple sources for the ultimate data stability.due to This method it will increase accuracy and reliability which are very important for optimal watering schedules.

This smart device has a great function, for example, it’s given you protection to your plants once the outside temperature drops, furthermore It will stop the watering if the temperature goes below a preset value. This way, you’ll be ready for unexpected temperatures and your garden can flourish better than ever.

Regarding safety, Rain Machine Mini-8 keeps all credentials local and not on an online server, so you simply got to relay on your own device to protect your garden and not on some third-party service. With this smart controller, you’ll really feel in control of your garden. The machine connects to trusted weather data sources and smartly adjusts the daily watering amount. For the most effective results, the device stays in synchronize permanently with Nature. The price may be a bit higher on this one, however, the Rain Machine Mini-8 offers a strong ratio of value/price and it’ll not let you down if you choose it.


  • Save water with real-time weather from NOAA, Metno, Wunderground, or a personal station. Control from everywhere with iPhone, Android or application.

  • New Model, Second Generation. iPhone, Android or web browser, control from everywhere.

  • EPA Water Sense certified. Eligible for rebates from a local water company.

  • Cloud Independent, all information is stored locally. Integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home.

  • Easy Installation. Illuminated touch keypad and ultra-bright white led display.

 RainMachine Mini-8



5. Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Irrigation Indoor WiFi Sprinkler System Timer/Controller, 8-Zone

Best smart sprinkler controller Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI SmartJust in case you want a control system with a sprinkler timer, here is a product of Rain Bird that I greatly recommend. It works very well and conveniently with a Wi-Fi Signal. therefore With this feature, you can simply adjust your system’s programs and control your timer anytime, anywhere.

Another reason I like this system is, just like the others, it is the ability to adjust its daily watering schedule, based on the local weather, the season, the humidity and also the temperature. This is important especially if you wish to save water and save on expenses.

in addition What also makes this product special is that it’s able to notify or inform you about what’s happening in your lawn when you are not there. That means you can just look at your Rain Bird app and easily monitor your system’s watering activities.

The only thing you have to check on this sprinkler system is its device compatibility. It will work better with iOS 8 or greater, and Android 4.4 (KitKat) or even later versions. therefore if you’re using different versions or different smart devices, it could cause problems.


  • Wi-Fi signal conveniently places control of your timer.

  • Super simple to program, allows access to timer functions from everywhere within the world.

  • Compatible with: Amazon Alexa, Apple iOS 8 or higher, and Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.

  • Access timer functions via the wireless network, in-range mobile device, or directly through the control board.

  • Daily watering schedule automatically adjusts based on season, local weather, temperature, and humidity.

  • Will send a message to the Rain Bird app and will inform what’s happening in your yard; even when you’re far away from home.

  • Watering Delay feature suspends watering from one to fourteen days; programming resumes automatically when the delay has ended.

 Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart

6. NxEco HWN12-100 Pro, Professional Grade Smart Sprinkler Controller Money and Save Water without Hassles

Best smart sprinkler controller NxEco HWN12-100 ProThe Nxeco pro has spared no thought at all for its design, preferring an almost completely functional design. It a big physical knob akin to what you’d find on old-timey washing machines and has a very basic Casio-like LCD screen. The upper side of this laser target functionality is the very affordable price. For a 12-zone control unit, this can be most likely as cheap as it’s going to get.

The other advantage, counting on how you look at it, is that the onboard controls are simple to control with gloves on, or for people who don’t feel comfortable using a smartphone app.

The app itself is way more polished compared to the actual console, although it’s still hardly an oil painting.

Nxeco refers to their sprinkler controller as being “professional-grade”, although I’m not sure if that’s that is the case.

Apart from Wi-Fi you also have the choice of a cellular or Ethernet connection. another One cool feature is that the unit can boot itself if Wi-Fi stops working, although it may be more useful to boot the router, as it is more likely to be the reason behind connection problems.

For all its strong looks, this is really an indoor unit. although There’s an outdoor possibility that comes with a weather-resistant cabinet. Therefore don’t go thinking that you can stick this low price model outside in the rain.

This controller additionally uses weather information to make a decision about when to water and when not addition, It also has EPA certification; therefore you’ll be able to claim your refund from certain municipalities. Although apparently, some places need that it’s connected to a rain sensor in order to qualify for that rebate.

in conclusion, it appears to work as advertised, and buyers don’t have any complaints. therefore The value is great for what you get and also the smart features are there. A decent choice.


  • EASY TO SETUP AND CONTROL ANYWHERE, ANYTIME – Requires no additional wiring or special boxes. Plug and play to replace your existing sprinkler controller. 12 Zones to handle a wide variety of gardens

  • SIGNATURE NXECO KNOB AND VALET KEY – Without the Internet, NxEco controller is still one full-function traditional controller on site. Valet Key gives your landscaper access without having to open your garage, no need to share your account password or your Wi-Fi password

  • AUTOMATIC WEATHER ADJUSTMENTS AND CUT UP TO 40% OUTDOOR WATER – NxEco Pro connects to the internet to automatically adjust for weather conditions. It even shuts off after measurable rainfall. It also adjusts every season to simplify your life while keeping you in control

  • EPA WaterSense CERTIFIED, eligible for rebate options up to 100% of retail value. from a local water district

  • LONGEST RANGE WIFI AND CONNECT WITH GOOGLE ASSISTANT – Your controller is not next to your router, so we designed the best in class Wi-Fi with the longest range and automatic connection recovery.

NxEco HWN12-100 Pro

 7. Rain Bird SST1200O Simple To Set Indoor/Outdoor Timer, 12-Zone

Best smart sprinkler controller Rain Bird SST1200OThe Rainbird SST12000  it’s easy to set the Timer with a simple click, so you’ll be able to select which days to water, which zones and how long.

Customers report that setting up multiple zones was quick and painless. furthermore, many of them didn’t use the instructions; although you may want to, if you’ve never set up any kind of programmable water timer before.

This system offers a nice display that’s easy to read and use. It holds your settings so you don’t have to reprogram constantly. If you find that you need more watering, you can simply program a new zone into the unit.

With 12 programmable zones, this unit is the perfect choice for people who have a large yard, but it can also be used on smaller yards if you need a lot of flexibility with a timer and a watering routine.

Many customers have purchased The Rain Bird SST12000 12 Zone Indoor and Outdoor, Simple to Set Timer to replace, or avoid purchasing commercial-grade systems that can be very costly. These customers are happy with their choice and the amount of money they saved.


  • Control for up to twelve zones with Automatic watering system timer.

  • The sealed case allows indoor or outdoor mounting protective against wet insects and grime.

  • Simple zone by zone setting allows you to customize watering schedules for different areas.

  • Easy to control system allows you to select start time watering duration and days of the week.

  • Large and easy to read screen and back-lit buttons allow you to review settings at a glance.

Rain Bird SST1200O

What is a smart sprinkler controller?

A smart sprinkler controller automatically responds to changing the weather and adjusts irrigation schedules. It monitors data like rain, wind, temperature, humidity, soil moisture, the quantity of time it takes for water to evaporate, and plant type to calculate the quantity of water required to keep plants healthy.

Smart controllers also are known as “weather-based irrigation controllers”. The Irrigation Association defines these as units that monitor and use data regarding environmental conditions for a particular location and landscape to choose for themselves when to water, and when not to, providing precisely the correct amount of water to maintain lush, and healthy growing conditions.


How much water will I save with a smart sprinkler controller?

It depends on your irrigation system, or how much water you use, and where do you live. In the study that ired in the web, households saved more than thirty gallons per household per day or about 10-15 percent of total water use.

How does a smart controller know what the weather is like where I live?

Manufacturers have found many ways to obtain data on local weather. Some of the controllers are connected to sensors installed in your home, which measure the sun’s radiation, temperature, and precipitation or soil moisture.

Some use historical weather information for your area to project the amount of water. Other controllers receive information via satellite or internet from a network of weather stations managed by private or public agencies.

Best smart sprinkler controller Conclusion

in conclusion, All of the above best sprinkler controller systems are reliable and have a decent quality. The most effective sprinkler controller system simplifies the garden and house lawn care. and It helps to reduce water consumption and saves your time and money.

There are indeed several numbers of smart Wi-Fi sprinkler controller systems you’ll be able to select from on the net.

Each of those devices offers unique and helpful options, which will certainly satisfy your needs. although It can be a bit difficult to decide and choose which one can work perfectly for you, due to my best sprinkler controller reviews.I’m hoping that you will be able to get the best Wi-Fi sprinkler controller for your needs.

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If you have any more questions about the sprinkler controller, please write us a comment below. Thanks!



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