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Decorative Rain Barrels You’ll Love 2019

Hey friends

When I examine the benefits of a Decorative Rain Barrels, we will find quite a few of these.

However, the idea is to know how to combine the house and your garden with Decorative rain barrels, and not to stand as a foreign body.

Since I’m a more practical person, this time I got helped from two designers from toietmoidesign who chose the rain barrels they liked the most, I will, of course, review the practical aspect of the rain barrel.decorative rain barrel you love! - rain barrel guide - looking for an awesome decorative rain barrel and attractive rain barrel products, in this article you'll find the best rain barrel and beautiful decorative rain barrel (modern rain barrel).you'll also learn about maintaining your rain barrel, painted rain barrel, is a rain barrel illegal? Vegetable rain barrel, how to make a rain catcher? install a rainwater collection system, rain barrel diverter, rain barrel without gutters and more!

All the barrels shown here can be bought on Amazon, but I must admit that I also saw beautiful rain barrels in Eli Express, which might be worth checking out.

In addition at the bottom of the article, I answered frequently asked questions about rain barrels, such as how to use, the advantages, how to collect water and more.

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Hope you like the article … enjoy 🙂



 Decorative Rain Barrels

Exaco Trading Company Terranova Oval Rain Barrel Beige 73-gal Weather resistant

my favorite rain barrel, yes because of the design!

The Terranova Wall Tank rain barrel features a graphite beige color and holds over 72 gallons of water.Exaco Trading Company Terranova Oval Rain Barrel Beige 73-gal Weather resistant - Decorative Rain Barrels

Water is easily extracted through the tap and fitting the tap is simple with no drilling required. The threaded connection protects against water loss.

Wind protection and inlet seal are included in the scope of supply.

This Exaco Terranova oval rain barrel comes in beige.


  • Made from the highest grade LLD-PE plastics

  • UV stable

  • Weather resistant

  • Winter-proof – just leave the tap open in freezing weather

  • Brass spigot

  • Closed design minimizes the risk of mosquito-borne diseases

  • Includes universal downspout connection kit with a drill bit


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Charlton Home Ainsley Rain Barrel 50 gallons can be connected in series

this amazing Beautifully rain barrel, designed to give you the classic look of ceramic with the ease and durability of plastic.

Save money and help conserve water with this rain barrel made of rotomolded plastic which is able to withstand harsh temperature changes and won’t chip, fade or crack.Charlton Home Ainsley Rain Barrel 50 gallons can be connected in series - Decorative Rain Barrels

it has is a high-quality brass spigot that adds to the elegance of this rain barrel as well as a shut-off nozzle and corrosion proof screen guard.

All their rain barrels are equipped with two overflows to allow for linking multiple barrels or installing the rain barrel with their deluxe diverter kit.

Collect water for your grass and flower gardens as well as water for washing your car.

This rain barrel is compatible with their rain barrel pump kit for pressurized watering to your garden.



  • A standard size hose can be attached to the rain barrel

  • A hose is used to connect to the overflow to drain the water

  • The barrel can be connected in series

  • 50 gallons

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Rustproof Rain Barrel Water Drum Storage Tank Wicker Garden 50 Gallon Spigot Screen White 100% weather resistant

this beautiful new design Efficiently collect and store rainwater while adding a nice touch to your garden.Rustproof Rain Barrel Water Drum Storage Tank Wicker Garden 50 Gallon Spigot Screen White 100% weather resistant - Decorative Rain Barrels

It is 100% weather resistant with UV inhibitors to protect against the sun and extreme temperatures and comes with a large opening that can accommodate up to 4 downspouts.

Dual water overflows allow water to escape rain barrel when full or connect to multiple rain barrels.

is made of water-resistant polyethylene finished with the texture and pleasing appearance of wicker, in 2 different colors for you to choose from.


  • 50-gallon capacity

  • Rustproof debris screen guard blocks debris and insects from entering your water supply

  • Dimensions: H 33″ x Width 23″ x D 23″

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Good Ideas Savannah 55 Gallon Rain Barrel

The Good Ideas Savannah 55 Gallon Rain Barrel is a classic of stylish design that adds charm to your home exterior.

It is constructed using plastic, which is sturdy and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.Good Ideas Savannah 55 Gallon Rain Barrel - Decorative Rain Barrels

This colonial shape rain barrel comes in multiple finishes to suit your home decor.

This rain barrel has a flat back that provides stability to stack against the wall.

It includes a debris screen that filters pure rainwater and prevents surrounding leaves and yard debris to enter the barrel.

It has a durable spigot made from brass for hose hook up that can be linked to another container for extra rainwater storage.


  • Self-draining, planter top

  • Column shape adds class and style to your rain harvesting

  • Meshed screen blocks debris from entering your water supply

  • Linkable to all other Rain Wizard rain barrels (requires custom fitting)

  • Routed channel diverts excess water to the front of the barrel to avoid flooding your foundation

  • Plants can be placed directly in the rain barrel

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Good Ideas Rain Wizard 42 Gallon Rock Rain Barrel

this Rain Wizard Rock is a 42-gallon capacity rain barrel with a rock facade.

Its unique shape and color realistically mimic the look of a natural rock found in a quarry, protruding from the ground. Good Ideas Rain Wizard 42 Gallon Rock Rain Barrel - Decorative Rain Barrels

The light granite finish is made with a high-quality resin that’s specially mixed to appear as stone.

Unlike our competitor’s rock barrels which look like blobs of speckled plastic.

Set up is easy and shouldn’t take more than ten to fifteen minutes. Simply cut your downspout to length and screw in your included brass spigot.


  • Rock-like appearance blends in with your home and garden setting

  • Meshed screen blocks debris from entering your water supply

  • Shaped to provide optimal positioning against your home

  • Equipped with a sturdy, rust-proof, brass spigot

  • Rain Wizard Collection

  • Complete rock design: Yes

  • Product Type: Rain Barrel

  • Water Capacity: 42 Gallons

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Good Ideas Rain Barrel with Diverter Kit, Built-in Overflow

another white beautiful rain barrel with 50 Gallon Capacity.

Brand NEW, got 2 Brass Spigots and Built-in Overflow. Good Ideas Rain Barrel with Diverted Kit, Built-in Overflow - Decorative Rain Barrels

The Good Ideas Impressions Corsican 50 Rain Barrel will help make your backyard and home garden lush and green again.

Not only will it allow you to use water that will ultimately go to waste, but it will also save some money as well.

it’s a safe and Eco-friendly, Interlink able for additional storage capacity, with a Unique texture that looks great next to your home.


  • 50 US gallon capacity

  • Flat-backed

  • 2 brass spigots

  • FDA approved BPA-free material

  • Water not drinkable

  • Dimensions: 22″ x 20″ x 41″

  • Weight: 19 lbs.

  • Warranty: One-year warranty

  • Made in the USA


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Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel 40-Gallon, Oak

We’ll start with one of the most raining barrels sold today in the world and has high rating reviews.

When there is drought or short rains, the rain barrel will provide precious water you need for watering your lawn and garden. The Rain Wizard 40 will provide up to 40 gallons of pure, unchlorinated water when municipalities declare periods of low water usage. During serious rain falls, a typical roof will produce many gallons of water. By saving that water, you’ll be able to cut back your average water usage by up to 400th. With those kinds of savings, the Rain Wizard 40 will pay for itself in only a couple of seasons. The Rain Wizard 40 features a beautiful faux oak barrel design so it naturally fits in together with your landscape. And the wide selection of colors allows you to even further match your barrel to your home and yard.Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel 40-Gallon, Oak - Decorative Rain Barrels

Its plastic screen mesh is newly designed to keep out bugs, animals, and debris while still being simple to remove for cleanup and maintenance and is gentle on skin. Overflow on the front side keeps the water from flooding on your outside wall. The flat-back design is one of the most convenient options as it allows your barrel to sit right up against your home, therefore, you do not need to worry regarding buying excess downspout parts. These barrels are tough.

While most rain barrels can crack or break in winter time, the Rain Wizard 40 will remain strong. It’s still suggested that you simply drain your barrels once temperatures approach the freezing point. And if you are looking for a great deal for you, my suggestion is to buy a Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard; these barrels are made of 100% recycled resin. Do not forget, you’ll be able to increase your storage and savings with the Rain Wizard connector kit (don’t worry; it works with nearly all Rain Wizard models). Or boost your pressure and make room for buckets with the Rain Wizard Stand.


40-gallon capacity.

  • High-quality brass spigot for hose hook-up + overflow spout.

  • Screen to keep out detritus, insects, animals, and kids.

  • Linkable to alternative barrels for increased capacity using separately sold linking kit.

  • Rotational designed to hold up against cracking and splitting, even in the winter.

  • Collecting this water is good for plants and helps you to save money and water bills.


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Algreen Products Athena Rain Barrel 80-Gallon, Terra Cotta (with planter)

Algreen’s Athena eighty Gallon rain barrel is a beautiful addition to your home. It’s not a cheap rain barrel, and there are differences of opinion among customers, some are simply in love with it, and others claim that there are some issues with it, but it was beautifully designed to give you the classic look of ceramic with the ease and durability of plastic. Save money and help conserve water with this rain barrel made of roto-molded plastic which is able to withstand harsh temperature changes and won’t chip, crack or fade. Included is a high-quality Spigot brass that adds the elegance of the rain barrel as well as a shutting nozzle and a proven corrosion screen saver.Algreen Products Athena Rain Barrel 80-Gallon, Terra Cotta (with planter) - Decorative Rain Barrels

All Algreen Rain Barrels are equipped with 2 overflows to allow for linking multiple barrels or installing the rain barrel with an Algreen Deluxe Diverter Kit. Collecting water for your grass and flower gardens as well as water for washing your car. This rain barrel is compatible with the Algreen rain barrel pump kit for pressurized watering to your garden. Made in Canada.



  • A quality brass spigot, a corrosion proof screen and an attached bottom link that allows access to 100% water in the unit.

  • Decorative planter feature.

  • Dual water overflows allow for water to sufficiently escape rain barrel when full and allow an option for linking multiple rain barrels with Algreen’s linking kit. Elegant style with authentic granite looks like a rock texture

  • Elegant design with authentic granite look and rock like texture.

  • A roto-molded plastic that will not chip, crack or fade, and BPA Free.


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RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon ECO Rain Water Collection Barrel, Made with 100% Recycled Plastic and Plastic Spigot, Black, flat back rain barrel

This is an excellent rain barrel at a relatively low price, high Review, a premium model that you will enjoy using for long; RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel is our pick of the best. It is a durable accessory. Its wood grain body has a stylish outlook that blends well outdoors. Finally, as a result of the quality plastic used to make it withstands the elements well; it does not fade nor loses its shape with time.

Optional position for a rain barrel, When using the RTS Flat Back Rain Barrel, you can easily fill the can with water because of larger offset between the spigot and the ground, that the standing of the rain barrel provides.

you can also snugs right up to a house or garage, thanks to its clever, flat-back design
RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon ECO Rain Water Collection Barrel, Made with 100% Recycled Plastic and Plastic Spigot, Black - Decorative Rain Barrels

Even though most of the people like its unique style, the functionality of this barrel has made it a best seller worldwide. Storage space, for example, is around fifty gallons. This is sufficient for most homes. Also, you get an aluminum screen filters debris and a brass spigot that doesn’t rust or clog over time.


  • Eco Barrel is unique to our rain barrel collection because it is made of 100% Recycled Plastic and includes a plastic spigot and screen.

  • Flat back to sit flush against a wall; Linkable to different barrels to increase water collection.

  • Save water and cash by capturing rainwater to use for your lawn and garden; optional stand to make filling watering cans easier (sold separately).

  • Plastic screen keeps out debris and insects, designed to be safe for children and pets with no large openings.

  • Plastic Spigot shut off valve for hose hook-up with dual overflow; a front side overflow keeps water from flooding against your outside wall.

  • flat back rain barrel.


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Good Ideas IMP-L65-DAR Impressions Palm Rain Saver, 65-Gallon, Dark Granite, rain barrel with planter

The IMP-L65-DAR rain barrel reinvents how you collect rainwater. This 65-gallon palm style is sturdy and one of the most beautiful rain barrels in stores. The most captivating feature is its look that emulates the rough texture of a palm tree trunk. With a deep welled top, you’ll be able to plant an array of floral arrangements or even a little herb or vegetable garden. The top additionally includes the great ideas original, integrated overflow channel. This channel automatically redirects all the water that rises to the front of the barrel and maintains your base against the grand opening of the flood.Good Ideas IMP-L65-DAR Impressions Palm Rain Saver, 65-Gallon, Dark Granite, rain barrel with planter - Decorative Rain Barrels

It can be used for 2×3 or 3×4 downspouts is covered with a good, delicate mesh, and a plastic screen. This screen keeps out significant debris and insects for your piece of mind. Additionally included in the rain barrel are two offset locations spigot. Now you can use a 5-gallon bucket or hose at the same time without a problem. Or use the second spigot as an overflow into a second barrel. Who knew you may have such a lot of features in a rain barrel? Impress your neighbors and friends with the IMP-L65-DAR Impressions Palm Rain Saver.


  • 65-gallon capacity rain barrel with a planter.

  • Meshed screen blocks detritus from coming into your water system.

  • Equipped with a sturdy brass spigot that will not rust or break like plastic alternatives.

  • A Routed channel turns excess water to the front of the barrel to avoid flooding your house foundation.

  • There are two exit spigots, so you can use both the hose and the bucket at the same time.


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RTS Home Accents Round 35-Gallon Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot and Built-In Planter, Woodgrain(with Planter)

Another beautiful rain barrel RTC Companies at a reasonable price

Embrace nature’s solution to our emerging water shortage–collect rainwater! When drought sets in and rain are short, rain barrels can provide that precious water you need for your lawn and garden. The rain barrel has an authentic oak texture will integrate with your home and garden, and will not fade, rot or risk insect infestation. A built-in planter adds life to your water collection. The RTS Accents rain barrel has several unique options as well as being totally round for a more authentic barrel look, linkable to other rain barrels for increased capacity, screen to keep out debris and insects, and a shut-off valve for hose attach with dual overflow. This rain barrel will provide up to thirty-five gallons of pure unchlorinated water.RTS Home Accents Round 35-Gallon Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot and Built-In Planter, Woodgrain(with Planter) - Decorative Rain Barrels

During heavy rains, a standard roof produces hundreds of gallons of water, by saving water; you reduce the average amount of water you use. With those kinds of savings, this rain barrel will pay for itself in only a few seasons. A front side overflow keeps water from flooding against your outside wall. It’s suggested that you just drain your barrels when temperatures approach the freezing point. Optional barrel stands create a bigger offset between the spigot and the ground, making it easier to fill watering cans and for general use. Woodgrain.


  • Built-in plantar add life to your water collection.

  • Completely round for an extra authentic barrel look.

  • Linkable to different rain barrels.

  • Screen to keep out debris and insects.

  • Will not fade, rot or risk insect infestation.

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Algreen (84302) Products Madison Rain Barrel 49-Gallon, Charcoalstone

Allegrin of the classic designed style rain barrel offers an amazing new look and an authentic texture finish. Distinguish the design in your garden with new granite and upscale stone finishes. Upgrade the Madison to allow for water pressure to your garden with the purchase of a pressurized rain barrel fountain kit. Made in Canada.

Helping the environment with a brand new level of Elegantly designed and Advanced FEATURES,  the Algreen Madison forty-nine Gallon rain barrel is made with a flat side in order that it sits simply against a wall whether you place it below a downspout or use a rain barrel diverter to gather your water. Able to storage to forty-nine gallons this rain barrel features a corrosion proof screen guard that helps to protect the integrity of your water. A hook for your garden hose is included therefore you’ll be able to keep your yard looking neat and tidy. Available in your choice of color and made from durable resin you’ll be able to use the water collected to water your field or garden.Algreen (84302) Products Madison Rain Barrel 49-Gallon, Charcoalstone - Decorative Rain Barrels

It is a good way to conserve water to help the environment and even save a little cash. Additional Features Corrosion Proof Screen Saver helps to protect your water including a hook to hang your garden hose fitting under the downspout or use a rain barrel on the converter about Algreen manufactures and distributes a high-quality stylish garden product that promotes sustainable lifestyles within the backyard. Their products work to recreate natural habitats conserve natural resources and help people who use their products spend more time with family.


  • Elegant style with authentic granite look and rock like texture.

  • Made from roto-molded plastic that won’t chip, crack or fade and BPA free.

  • Have a 4-foot hose, corrosion-proof screen and a low fitting attachment allowing access to 100% of the water into the unit.

  • Dual water overflows allow water to sufficiently escape rain barrel when full and allow the possibility of linking multiple rain barrels with Algreen’s linking kit.

  • Ability to upgrade with fountain/pressurized watering kit.


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Earthminded prn1053 rainstation, recycled – 50 gallon

The new guy in the neighborhood, I have to admit I like his looks very much, his price is reasonable, you will not find too many reviews about him, but those who did buy him, they not only praised him for saving money, They even used it to water the vegetable garden and had no problem with it.

EarthMinded RainStation is a complete rain system to collect that has our patented FlexiFit for simple installation and No problems using. RainStation barrels feature a reversible Planter top lid that can be used to grow annuals or herbs on top of the barrel making it each functional and decorative.  Patented FlexiFit diverter helps to avoid floods and overflows that plague the standard top filling rain barrels and might hit the foundation of the house. RainStation is assembled and installed in minutes. Locate close to any downspout around the home garage or outbuilding to catch and store rainwater for out of doors watering and washing chores. RainStation is a convenient way to save each water and cash.Earthminded prn1053 rainstation, recycled - 50 gallon - Decorative Rain Barrels

The diverter is straightforward to put in and ready. No special tools required – hole saw enclosed. Spigot and drain with customary hosepipe association. Illustrated piecemeal directions. Capability – 50 Gallon. Color – Recycled Black. Dimension – 24 L x 24 W x 40 H in.


  • 50 Gallon Barrel with a snap-on lid.

  • Durable food grade HDPE resin.

  • Sealed system resists pests and alga growth.

  • Includes diverter and every one element required for installation.

  • Works with standard 2 x 3 in. and 3 x 4 in. rectangular downspouts.


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Flat-Back Rain Barrel, Tan

Another great rain barrel with a flat back, you will not find many reviews about it, but whoever did buy it, is very pleased with it.

This beautiful rain barrel is made of rough, texture-colored polyethylene for a natural-wood look. It holds 50 gallons, however snugs right up to a house or garage, due to its clever, flat-back design. The improved solid brass spigot is now offset from hose attachment, allowing you to fill any size watering can without awkward maneuvering.

Both spigots will fit a garden hose; it fits a normal hose without any adapter needed. Flat-Back Rain Barrel, Tan - Decorative Rain Barrels

It has a built-in debris screen where the water goes into the barrel, the screen is removable and it fills very quickly with water,
the screen is also designed to keep debris and mosquitoes out.


  • An attractive way to collect free rainwater for watering

  • 25″ W x 36″ H x 19″ D

  • Holds 50 gallons

  • Durable polyethylene with a solid brass spigot

  • Includes handy brass spigot for filling watering cans

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rain barrel common questions

What is a rain barrel?

A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores rainwater from the roof of your house. Otherwise, the roof may divert it to drain storms and currents, which can be blocked and pollute. Usually, rainwater storage tanks will store between thirty and a hundred gallons of water, a vinyl hose, PVC couplings, and a screen grate to keep debris and insects out, and other off-the-shelf items, a rain barrel is relatively easy and cheap to construct and may sit conveniently below any residential gutter downspout.

They are usually made of wood or plastic. The rain barrel is placed directly underneath the downspout to make sure that rainwater flowing off the roof and directly into the storage unit.

In some cases, gardeners may need to elevate the barrel to stop spillage. A rainwater diverter may also be needed if the down sprout isn’t positioned directly on top of the tank. As far as gardening cares, rain barrel water is usually considered a wonderful irrigation system since rainwater has been shown to be much better for the plants.

Indeed, not like tap water, rainwater is devoid of chemicals, calcium, lime, fluoride, and chlorine among other things usually found in tap water. Consequently, it provides a far gentler hydrating system to fruits, vegetables, flowers and various alternative sorts of plants. It should be noted that for the best quality of water possible that you just ensure your roof and gutters are not contaminated with any harsh paints or product that would continuously leach into the rainwater.

A Decorative Rain Barrels is usually recommended for home gardeners on a small scale because they are economical and environmentally friendly. Rain barrels are fashionable choices in areas that are prone to droughts. As far as maintenance is concerned, it’s better to store the barrel in a shady space to prevent algae growth. For this reason, it’s additionally best to go for darker-colored tanks.

How do rain barrels work?

At a time once many of the municipal water districts are experiencing water shortages and customers are being hurt by paying higher water and sewage bills, the benefits of free water falling from the sky are very attractive than they have been in decades. Rain barrels are experiencing a renaissance.Decorative Rain Barrels You’ll Love 2019-looking for decorative rain barrel garden ideas? in the article, you'll find modern rain barrel rainwater harvesting, decorative rain barrel planters, rain barrel diverter water. rain barrel system ideas gardens|rain barrel ideas design gardens|attractive rain barrel lawn|rain barrel without gutters yards|pretty rain barrel water storage|rain barrel garden backyards. #rainbarrel#rainbarrelideas#rainwater#gutters#waterstorage#rainwaterharvesting#planter.

A rain barrel was meant to collect and store the rain. They can be large, sophisticated systems that use pumps designed for rain storage, or single plastic or wooden drums that catch the rain flowing on and off the roof gutters.

The rain barrel is placed beneath a shortened downspout, diverting the roof runoff into the rain barrel. Putting the rain barrel on a sturdy platform can allow a lot of clearance below the spigot, and additionally can increase the rate of flow if you’re attaching a hose to the barrel’s spigot.

Rain barrels are typically set up so the water runoff from the gutters of a house, garage, shed or different structure directed into the barrel. Most rain barrels have a large opening within the top to allow the water to run in from the downspout. Every time it rains, the rain barrel is going to be filled with rainwater from the downspout. Then the water can sit within the barrel till it’s ready to be used.


It’s amazing how fast a rain barrel can fill up with little rain. Most rain barrels have an overflow valve close to the top where the excess rain can drain out once the barrel is full, however, once there’s a heavy rain, excess water will bubble over the top of the barrel instead of out the release valve.

Harvesting rainwater makes common sense. It does not contain the dissolved minerals and salts usually found in the water you would possibly be used to supplement your outside water needs. It’s safe if you follow a couple of precautions — and rain barrels are simple to install. Using rainwater additionally helps the environment. As in Germany and Japan that have financial incentives for harvesting rainwater, such programs can be found both in Arizona and California.

Rainwater is a great source of water that will otherwise become polluted runoff picking up chemicals and other dangerous waste as it flows down the streets, and gutters on its way to a network of a storm drain or the closest low-lying body of water. In many areas, the rain collected from the roof of an average house can provide water to take care of the garden or lawn of your home during most of the summer months.

What are the benefits of a rain barrel?

a rain barrel is an alternative to the use of tap water for watering lawns, flower gardens, and flower pots.

There are quite a few advantages to using a rain barrel:

  1. Rainwater is best for your plants and soil. Rainwater without salts and does not contain fluoride compounds that are contained in tap water that accumulate in the soil over time and can damage the roots of plants. Use of rainwater in your garden dilutes this impact, making plants more drought-tolerant, healthy, and strong.

  2. You’ll have your own water supply in times of drought or watering restrictions. If you collect rainwater, you can keep watering and nourish your garden with rain reserves in your barrel.

  3. You’ll help to reduce runoff pollution. Once it rains, runoff picks up soil, fertilizer, oil, pesticides, and different contaminants and pushes them into other areas of the landscape.

  4. You’ll contribute to erosion prevention efforts. Rain runoff is also a specific issue in places where land erosion may be a concern. Your rain catch is particularly useful in these cases.

  5. You’ll cut down on the amount of water that must undergo expensive and energy-intensive sewage treatments. Capturing rain and putting it straight to use in your garden eliminates the necessity for this processing cycle.

  6. You will have a fresh, green way to wash your cars and pets. The rain has no salt and various chemicals found in tap water.

  7. Rainwater is an environmentally friendly choice to keep the compost moist. Adding tap water to your compost is not compatible with the material in it, you will need to use rainwater instead.

  8. You will help to avoid too high humidity around your home basics. Collecting rain before it hits the ground can help prevent flooding, damp, mold.

  9. you’ll be able to reduce your water bill. Garden and lawn watering accounts for 40 % of residential water use throughout the summer, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. a gardener will save 1,300 gallons of water throughout the growing season, Thanks to the rain barrel.

  10. finally, You’ll be an inspiring example of environmental stewardship.

How much rain can you collect in a rain barrel?

For every inch of rain that falls on one square foot of your roof, you can “collect” just over half a gallon of rainwater (0.6 gallons). For example, if you have a shed that is 10’ x 10’ and you can collect the roof runoff from all 100 square feet of your roof, you could collect 60 gallons of rainwater during a 1-inch rain event.

Your roof catchment area is equal to the whole square feet of your house and the extension of your eaves. You don’t get to take into account the angle of your roof, like you would if you were shopping for roofing material, because rain falls equally on every a part of the roof.

If you have got average rainfall of say twenty inches each year, you have got the potential to gather 24,000 gallons of water in one year. (You can use the following website to get a good idea of the average rainfall in your area: click here) 1,200 gal x 20 inches of rain = 24,000 gals.

You should take into account that rainwater harvesting systems aren’t necessarily 100% efficient. Most sources estimate efficiency between 70th and 90th. All rainwater harvesting systems lose some of the rainwater. it may spill over of the gutters or the wind may blow it away. Evaporation will, without doubt, have an effect on some of it. to maximize your collection of rainwater, you may use outbuildings like barns or sheds. If you’re creative, you can even use rainwater from a patio or different paved areas around your house.


How to catch rainwater? and how to collect rainwater?

Collecting rain helps the environment by reducing the number of water that has to be extracted from the planet or processed in water treatment facilities. You’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint and your water bills by using the rainwater you collect to water your yard and garden, to clean your car or perhaps as an indoor water source, after proper filtration. The average rainwater collection amount for a house with a 2,000-square-foot (186 sq. m) roof may be approximately 50,000 gallons (190,000 liters) each year, counting on the location. The following steps can assist you to begin collecting rainwater in your yard.


Collect run-off water in rain barrels, or even giant polyethylene, wood or fiberglass tanks.

Collect run-off water in rain barrels, or even large polyethylene, wood or fiberglass tanks

  • Rain barrels are containers that can be bought at your local hardware or home improvement store, or on an online website like Amazon, or you can build one yourself.

  • Rain barrels are made of plastic or wood and are positioned below downspouts to collect water that runs out of the roof. They have a spout at the bottom to release water. You’ll be able to connect a hose to the valve and use the water in different areas of your yard.

  • They usually work on gravity. This means you need to use the pump if you need water in this area at a higher location than your rain barrel.

  • New types of rain barrels have a cover to keep mosquitoes, animals, and children. Rain barrels should also be secured to prevent them from tipping over.


Install a rainwater collection system

Install a rainwater collection system

  • Rainwater collection systems (also known as rainwater catchment systems) have large tanks stored underground, which collect rainwater from roofs and gutter and then filter and pump the water out for whole-house use. You’ll be able to use your rainwater for showering, laundry, watering your garden or wash your car.

  • Rainwater systems are bit pricey and must be professionally installed. You need to have a pump or pressure tank to move the water.

You can also use rain chains instead of traditional downspouts, Adapt household and yard products to catch rainwater like children pool. But those to another article 🙂

using pool to catch rain

-rain barrels for gutters

Before you install or use a rain barrel, make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear and functioning.

Thoroughly clean up your home’s gutters each spring and fall can keep them working as they should. Leaves will build up and clog the downspouts, which might cause water damage to your roof and fascia (the board behind the gutter).  Water pouring over the gutters or from leaks will end up next to your home’s foundation, within the basement or crawl space.

A hose-end attachment specially designed for gutters could make this project lots easier. If you need to wash from a ladder, follow these steps.

Step 1

Begin cleanup the gutter close to a downspout.

Step 2

Remove the large debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) with a trowel and dump it in a bucket.

Step 3
finally to clean out finer materials, flush the gutter lengths with a hose beginning at the end opposite the downspout. If the water doesn’t drain off, recheck the downspout strainer and clean as needed.


Rain barrel diverter

The Earthminded Rain Barrel Diverter parts Kit System is a great tool for any rain barrel and among the other benefits, he will prevent the unsavory task of getting to cut your downspout once you install your rain barrel.

  • The diverter regulates the amount of water within the rain barrel to a consistent height. Once the water level equals the height of the diverter, water continues to flow down the downspout, eliminating the requirement for an overflow hose.  The diverter uses the back pressure of the water within the barrel or rain tank to stop more water from getting into the barrel.

  • With the converter, waste continues to flow down and downspout instead of flowing into the top of your rain barrel as in the case of a rain barrel without a diverter.

  • The diverter creates a sealed system, preventing mosquitoes from living inside your rain barrel.

  • Works with standard rectangular downspouts

  • Easy to installs and comes with a winterization cover!

If gutter water still doesn’t drain, the downspout could also be clogged.

  1. Check the drain end. If the downspout runs underground, take away it from the pipe as required.

  2. Install a little nozzle on the hose, and lock it at full pressure. Activate the water and feed the hose up from the bottom of the spout. If it does not clean the downspout or the nozzle, therefore, is too large, use the plumber’s snake tool to clear the blockage.

  3. Reattach the downspout.

  4. Flush the whole gutter once more.

  5. finally, Be sure to wash the downspout strainers.


Rain barrels without gutters

Even in houses without gutters, you can use a rain barrel.


Go around your house during the next rain, and examine where the water dripping from your roof. Some spots drain a lot of water than others, depending on your roof’s design and also the prevailing winds.


Mark the areas of greatest rainwater drainage. even more, You may put buckets in every place or choose only one for reasons of convenience or concealment.


Build a little base for your barrel from bricks or cinder blocks. This step is optional; however, the elevation provides better water pressure for the water that is released from the bottom.


Position a food-grade 55-gallon plastic barrel within the chosen location, with or without an elevated base. Take away the barrel’s lid, or cut a large hole through that rain can enter.


finally, Cover the barrel with mesh window screening to prevent mosquitoes from breeding within the barrel. Secure the mesh with the barrel’s cover or by stretching bungee cords around the overhanging mesh at the top of the barrel


Things You Will Need

  • One or more 55-gallon barrels

  • Bricks or cinder blocks for a base (optional)

  • Mesh window screening

  • Bungee cords (optional)


  • If you build a base for your rain barrel, make certain to create it sturdy. A full barrel can weigh between four hundred and five hundred pounds.


How to make a rain catcher?

I’ve found you some great videos to make a rain catcher:

Catch rain for your garden with a free-standing rain collection system 

Turns milk jugs into rain catchers 

What is the best kind of rain barrel for me?

The best way to choose a rain barrel is to choose one that goes with your house’s style. They are available in ceramic, wood, metal, stone and plastic. Rain barrels change from a smaller 15-gallon size to larger commercial rain barrels which will hold upwards of 1,000 gallons. They are also usually opaque so that the stored water is not exposed to sunlight which limits that amount of algae that can grow inside the barrel.

The different rain barrels materials include:

Plastic or polyethylene

  • One of the more popular options

  • Its lightweight and cheap

  • Tends to fall apart in the outdoors so it needs to be stored where there is enough UV protection

  • Can be found in all shapes and colors

Stone or ceramic clay

  • Great for catching a small amount of rain

  • Very decorative and great for small gardens

  • Can be difficult to install


  • Gives your home a rustic feel

  • Water cannot be contaminated with BPA

  • More expensive than plastic

  • Has a heavier catchment system

  • Can be purchased in beech wood, hickory, oak, and cedar


  • Great for large rain storage

  • Can use flexible membrane liners

  • Is used for more permanent rain storage

  • Not as attractive for residential use


How much does cost a rain barrel?

Low-Density Residential Lot in a Subdivision

Here is an example price estimate for one rain barrel, minus the downspout, in a Living area to be used for small-scale irrigation and gardening purposes only. The estimate assumes that the homeowner, garden group, or volunteers provide the labor, including assembly of rain barrel if necessary. The disturbed area is considered to be minimal and small enough to avoid any permits and fees. The following are average costs for a typical, newly manufactured rain barrel plus optional accessories.

Rain Barrel with a sealed top$120
Overflow Kit/Runoff pipe$35
Rain Diverter$18
Soaker Hose$21
Linking Kit$12
Spigot, if not supplied$5
Additional Guttering$5




Is a rain barrel illegal?

Some comments of caution: In some cases, there may be good reasons for prohibiting rainwater harvesting by individuals. It does not have to be related to “government ownership of rain”, It could be related to public safety. If local authorities prohibit rain barrels, there may be a good reason. Check with local health districts relating to this issue before you set up rain barrels.

it is obvious that in each case,  as time moves on rainwater harvesting is being encouraged.

click here, you can check what the law says about collecting rainwater in your place of residence.

Can rain barrel water be used on vegetables?

Use your rain-barrel water for trees, flowers, and shrubs, but be careful when it comes to food.

Rutgers University, the Washington State Department of Ecology and others have measured rain-barrel water for pollutants, and the bottom line is that this water is probably safe for edibles in most cases

While that is fine if you have got the proper kind of roof, understand the exceptions, and take the correct precautions, it is also possible that this water is polluted beyond safe drinking water standards.

The basic problem is that metals, chemicals and possibly a byproduct of plastic can get off the roof from your eaves along with rainwater.

A second problem, on the roofs, can be varying amounts of bird shit and squirrels and other microbial contaminants.

Runoff from wood-shake roofs is significantly a lot of polluted than runoff from asphalt roofs. Copper roofs, as you would possibly guess, produced elevated levels of copper within the collected water.

Then there is the variable of which crop you are attending to water and eat. One study, for instance, found that beans and beet leaves had significantly more lead in them than kale leaves that were watered with the same saved water.

All this has become too complicated for most people, so most publications have come to the conclusion that it is better to simply avoid the water of a rain barrel on something edible.

To get around possible bacterial infections from birds or other rodents, disinfect your water with a drop of bleach per fifty-five gallons of water for twenty-four hours before use.

Then do not water veggies over the leaves (directly into the ground only), and wash and peel any crops before you eat them.

Painted a rain barrel

Painting a rain barrel is simple and you’ll be able to give it more personality than just a plain blue color. Just a few cans of spray paint and a few hours of dry time and you will have a decorative Rain Barrels that look like it’s meant to go with your house decor.

Step 1: Rough the plastic rain barrel with a sanding block for better paint adhesion. Wipe all the sanding dust with a lint-free cloth.

Step 2: Using Universal Bonding Primer spray, prime the entire rain barrel slow, back-and-forth motions, slightly overlapping each coat for even layers. apply after 30 minutes of dry time,If a second coat is needed.

Step 3: Once the primer has dried for at least 30 minutes, apply 2X Ultra Cover in Matte Burlap. Apply the spray paint the same way as the primer. Let dry for at least one hour before applying painter’s tape.

Step 4: Tape any areas of the rain barrel you don’t want to paint next and apply the 2X Ultra Cover in Espresso Brown to create a striped design. Let dry for at least 1 hour.

Step 5: Remove tape and let dry for at least 24 hours before use.

rain barrel Safety and Hygiene

Most people assume that rainwater is unhygienic because it may carry lots of dirt or chemicals once it goes down into the barrel. Although this can be true, there are actually ways for you to collect rainwater without it carrying any harmful substances. The most effective way to do that would be to simply ensure that the rain barrel collects water directly from the sky and doesn’t drop anywhere else before falling into the barrel (e.g. the roof, windows, etc.).

decorative rain barrel you love! - rain barrel guide - looking for an awesome decorative rain barrel and attractive rain barrel products, in this article you'll find the best rain barrel and beautiful decorative rain barrel (modern rain barrel).you'll also learn about maintaining your rain barrel, painted rain barrel, is a rain barrel illegal? Vegetable rain barrel, how to make a rain catcher? install a rainwater collection system, rain barrel diverter, rain barrel without gutters and more!#barrel #rainwater #rainbarrel #

When shopping for a rain barrel, you’ve got to make sure that this kind of issue is covered. If not, you may need to purchase a water collection system to keep it clean as it goes into the barrel.

In addition, select a rain barrel that allows garden hose attachment. Aside from being able to water your plants simply, the hose allows you to drain the water regularly in order to clean it. if you decided to buy a rain barrel, its recommended to buy also a garden hose reel.

Tips for Maintaining Your Rain Barrel


If you have done your homework and purchased a high-quality rain barrel, it will serve you for many years. But, your new rain barrel will require some maintenance to keep it functioning properly.

  •  Make sure the conveyance system for the water is free of debris. This means that you should examine your home’s gutters and spouts once a month to make sure that they’re free of debris. And regularly flush out debris from the bottom of the container.

  • Clean your rain barrel regularly. Most manufacturers suggest draining and rinsing out your rain barrel once every 3 to 4 months. Doing so prevents blockages from forming. Don’t forget to flush detritus from the container’s bottom.

  • Inspect your rain barrel after heavy rain and at the end of the rainy season. You should check for overflow, leaks, and water in inappropriate locations. If water overflow becomes a problem, then you will need an additional rain barrel or water collection system.

  • In the winter when the temperatures are down, prepare the rain barrel. Empty the barrel completely and let it dry. If you’ll be storing your barrel outside, it should be turned upside down and a heavy object placed on top to prevent it from falling over or being blown away. An empty rain barrel also can be stored in a shed or garage throughout the winter months.

  • Protect your home’s siding. placing a thin sheet of wood between your home’s siding and the downspout, therefore, it will prevent any accidental damage to the siding.

  •  Watch out for sharp edges when working with the downspout to prevent injuries.

decorative rain barrels Conclusion

That’s it friends, If you have any more questions, please write down and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

If you are a homeowner, investing in a high-quality rain barrel is a smart idea, especially if you live in an area that has experienced drought or water restrictions. You can also save water and save money in the process.
With so many options that exist today in the market, it will not be difficult to find a Decorative Rain Barrels that match your needs, budget, and most importantly will fit the decorative style Of your home. Your plants will thank you, and most importantly, the environment.

One important point before the end of the article, many times on the same rain barrel, you can find great reviews, how much they loved it and no problems and they bought more from the same barrel, on the other hand, you can find criticism of the same barrel, which leaked or tap, was broken.

All the companies listed in the article, these are serious companies that give a warranty, for the rain barrel. the warranty can be found on Amazon on any product, and if you want to be sure, the best is to call the company itself and ask them about it.

you can also check the rain barrel on the shop page

click here and try your luck at the 50%-90% amazon dynamite sale, Many times I find deals at significant discounts


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Decorative Rain Barrels You'll Love 2018 - review and tips
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