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gardening care during spring – plants,irrigation and lawns

gardening care during the spring-The month of March is the month that connecting between winter and spring.

March 21 is the day of the equinox that officially begins spring and the length of the day is equal throughout the night.gardening care during spring-plants, irrigation, and lawns. It is very important to prepare your garden for the summer during spring. In order to get green grass, a flowering garden, and a blooming flower bed. spring garden care articles|spring garden care tips|spring garden care yards|spring garden care plants|spring garden clean up yards|spring garden clean up home|spring garden clean up articles. #garden#plants#irrigation#lawns#cleanup#gardening#yards

A period of bloom and flowering and a bit of a mess – the variety of winter plants still bloom, but in the nursery, you can already buy different summer plants, so the summer and winter plants mix in the garden.

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planting care for summer


this is the time to start the summer planting season. Planting in relatively comfortable weather will help the plants settle before the summer.

you Can plant in two waves, at the end of March and at the end of April, so we will get a longer flowering.

Before planting, the soil must be prepared properly.planting care for summer

First, we clean the area from its grass, and I recommend manual weeding and using the material collected in the compost pile.

Spray only if the area is very large and there is no time or manpower for the grass, or there are perennial grasses with root branches or deep roots.

You can spray with a material such as Ortho or solo, please read the label carefully on the packaging before use.
After weeding or spraying, add compost in a quantity of 20 liters per square meter and carefully turn over the soil.

Planning Raised-bed gardening is as important as preparation.
It is best to plan the Raised-bed according to the directions from which it is viewed – for example in a garden that can be viewed from all directions, we will plant high flowers in the center and around lower flowers.
We will also plan the combinations of colors, and of course, adapting the plants to the sun or shade.

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Watering care during spring

This is the time to review and upgrade the irrigation system: efficiently dividing the lines – seasonal, potted plants, grass, trees, and shrubs;

Replacement of filters and pressure regulator testers; Replacing old dripping lines.Watering care during spring
On the lawn, check that all the sprinklers are working and that the entire area is properly covered.
Updated operating schedules should be prepared according to the water consumption of each type of plant.
An efficient irrigation system is key to a flourishing and water-saving garden.

In old gardens, some of the irrigation lines can be canceled after the bushes have been established or where the plants have degenerated and not renewed the vegetation, and to prepare an updated control panel.
The irrigation should start about two to three weeks after the last significant rain (about 20-30 mm) depending on the type of soil and the weather.


Lawns care during spring

The grass awakens from the winter hibernation, but there is no need to water, especially on heavy land, because there is still water in the soil from the rains.

In light soils, the need for irrigation will arise earlier, because the water retention in the soil is reduced.

In tight lawns, ventilation is recommended.
On a small lawn, you can ventilate with a pitchfork that is inserted to a depth of 15 cm and is pulled out without turning the ground.
before the implementation, it is advisable to indicate where the sprinklers are and where the underground water lines are.
After the ventilation, it is recommended to put compost.Lawns care during spring

The dilution process is recommended mainly in the dense varieties that grow on top and underground extensions, for example, Japanese Zoysia grass.
After dilution, the extensions, and the Dry material
must be collected and removed from the lawn.

In varieties like Durban and Buffalo, a gentle dilution should be carried out because these grass are grown only by upper extension, and therefore will have moderate dilution.


It’s time to prepare space for a new lawn.

First, align the area and create a slope that descends from the direction of the house to keep water from the walls.
Compost should be added to 20 liters per square meter and basic fertilizer – potassium chloride and superphosphate.
irrigate the area to the existing weeds germinate in soil, and then spray with ortho or solo products.

It is important to wait about three weeks after spraying before planting or put Layers of grass.
If stubborn weed grows, the spraying must be repeated until they remove completely.
Patience, in this case, is important and worthwhile if you want a grass free of weed!


gardening care during spring

It is very important to prepare the garden for the summer during spring.
In order to get green grass, a flowering garden, and a blooming flower bed without spending unnecessary water and unnecessary expenses.
it’s Worth the little effort and time investment, for a beautiful garden in the summer!

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If you have any more tips on how to prepare your garden for the summer, please share and write us a comment below.


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