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herb guide-18 Most Common Questions Answered about herb

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herb guide - need help with your herb garden planning, herb ideas and herb garden tips-in this article you'll learn about herb benefit,herb uses,how to harvest herbs,what herbs to plan together,when to plant herbs. you'll learn how to grow herb jars,container herbs,pot herb,indoor herb,outdoor herb. you'll learn how to make a kids herb garden they love,and garden herb ideas for herb decor home, with decorative herb garden. you'll have a beautiful herb garden(herbs and spice).

herb guide-I’m sure you’ll agree with me that herbs have quite a few advantages.

But searching the web for information could be tedious.


Exactly because of this, I wrote the herb guide article.

So all the information is in one place!

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herb guide

Herbs definition

Herbs are a generic name for all those plants which can be used for seasoning ‘as they’ – without drying, grinding, cooking or any other processing.

you can use Herbs in salads, soups, a variety of dishes and even sandwiches.

Most of the herbs are easy to grow and are not shrubs that require a garden to grow, so those who live in buildings can have them raised in window boxes and enjoy fresh herbs in their dishes.

Herbs are common in folk medicine, where they have attributed the virtues of healing diseases. Even marijuana is also called as herb and can be purchased from legal marijuana stores in California.


 What is an herb?

Herbs are the parts that can be used in herbaceous plants (plants without a woody trunk).Most Common Questions Answered about herb-herb guide

The word herb usually refers to those who have cosmetic, culinary or medicinal uses.

The culinary uses of herbs are what differentiate them from spices.

While herbs are referred to as green leaves or flowering parts of a plant, fresh or dried. spices, however, are made from other parts of the plants, which are generally dried, including berries, seeds, roots, and fruits.


How to grow herbs?

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