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A few ways to make a homemade sprinkler bottle

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You can use the sprinkler bottle as a water toy for kids or to water plants and flowers or lawn.use the sprinkler bottle as a water toy for kids or to water plants and flowers sprinkler bottle diy|homemade sprinkler how to make|homemade sprinkler water|homemade sprinkler bottle|homemade sprinkler ideas|diy sprinkler garden summer fun|diy sprinkler bottle|diy sprinkler backyards. #sprinklerBOTTLE#sprinkler#diySPRINKLER#homemadeSPRINKLER#sprinklerIDEAS#backyard#lawn

If you don’t have anything at all in your yard, this is cheap, easy, and can be made with throwaway materials.

make one of these, pop it outside and turn on the water without having to hit the store for anything special.


SUPPLIES you need


Blade or sharp knife


Water supply


The first way to make a homemade sprinkler bottle(the easy way)

Step 1

Cut a bit off the tip of your garden hose with the blade or sharp knife

Step 2

Put the tip on the top of the lid of the bottle and trace with a pen

Step 3

Cut around the outline with the blade or sharp knife

Step 4

Get your bottle ready, Struck holes on the skin of the bottle and try to keep the holes parallel to the opposite side

Step 5

Now you’re ready, Put the hose into the bottle via the lid

Step 6

Open the tap, And watch the water show

If you are not happy with the amount o water coming out you can adjust the size of the blade or a sharp knife


The second way to make a homemade sprinkler bottle(more professional way)

Step 1

Drill 1/8″ diameter holes in the side of a plastic, two-liter soda bottle

Step 2

Wrap Teflon tape around the bottle threads to form a waterproof seal because the threads of the fitting don’t exactly match the bottle threads. This way you’ll get a watertight seal.

Step 3

Screw a female-to-female hose fitting to the bottle threads.

Step 4

Attach a garden hose to the hose fitting. With this fitting, it will allow you to attach the bottle right into the end of the garden hose.

Step 5

Place the sprinkler in the yard, And then you just set it into your flowerbed or near your shrubs, with the holes facing out a little bit. And get it in position, and turn on the water.


another idea to make a homemade sprinkler bottle

you can be more creative, and even use an old toy, the children will love it(like the image above)

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By Runology – Own work, CC0,

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