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How to Build a Greenhouse with polycarbonate sheets

How to Set up a Greenhouse?

Whether you want to grow veggies all year round despite the worry of sheer winter or scorching summer or some of your plants, need a specific environmentGuide to set up your own greenhouse for optimal growth and temperature to grow fully. Setting up a greenhouse is a perfect idea for all kinds of temperature control garden needs. Well, growing in a covered glasshouse required special kinds of tools and techniques to know and if it feels jigsaw puzzle to you. Slow down, and we will assist you with all the basics to get started.

This article is a guest post article written by Nisha Fatima from fabglassandmirror


Step 1: Choose your style!

This is the most crucial step in building a greenhouse! Because choosing a style for your greenhouse will show the effectiveness and beauty of it. Every greenhouse is built for a specific function, so make sure to choose a style that serves the entire operation.


Choose Your Greenhouse Style!


Step 2: Choose the hardware carefully!

For the next step, we have the doors and hardware. If the hardware is not chosen carefully, the entire effectiveness and functionality of the greenhouse can be affected. Try to look for the doors that provide maximum insulation. Because if heat escapes the surroundings of the greenhouse, your plants and vegetables can be affected.


Choose the Greenhouse Hardware Carefully!


Step 3: Choose the covering of the greenhouse!

The environment within a greenhouse is fragile; a little error at your end can damage all the breathing plants within it. So, make sure you select the covering of your greenhouse precisely. Mostly, plexiglass and polycarbonate sheets are used to serve the purpose of covering. However, depending on your choice and options, you can select among them.


Choose the covering of the greenhouse!


Step 4: Provide proper Cooling & Ventilation

Make sure to provide proper ventilation and cooling for your plants. Otherwise, they may get harmed due to overheating. The escaping of the inside heat is necessary, but the window for it is very narrow. So, that optimal temperature can be maintained at all times.


Provide proper Cooling & Ventilation to Your Greenhouse


Step 5: Provide optimal heating to plants 

Plants are very delicate when it comes to temperature, so make sure that you choose the perfect temperature for the inner surroundings of the greenhouse. Excess heat and humidity can easily destroy all the plants.


Provide optimal heating to plants


Step 6: Choose the other system for your greenhouse!

After putting up the cooling and heating systems, you should also look into the CO2 generator. This system is extremely beneficial for the growth of your plants, and it will allow a much better and healthier ecosystem for your plants! Also, try to install a proper irrigation system as well.

Tools and Equipment Required for the Building of a Greenhouse 

You can build a beautiful greenhouse with the help of precise tools and robust equipment! It will ensure you quality and durability! Some of the tools and equipment required are given as:

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is an essential gardening tool, and it is mostly used to transport and carry plants. The handle for the trowel is made from rubber, plastic, or steel.

Hand Trowel



It is the most primary tool for gardening. With a long handle and sharp edges, the spade is used to dig and make beds.





For instance, a fork can handle many tasks, create holes for seeds, break compacted soil, aerate the lawns, etc.




Gardening Gloves

These gloves are necessary if you’re a gardener. They keep your hands safe and clean while you are gardening.


Gardening Gloves



A shovel is something every gardener uses. It is practically the most important tool in gardening.





It would be best if you had a saw for cutting all the designs for your beds and other pots in the greenhouse.

Why Choose Plexiglas as a Covering for Your Greenhouse?

If you are planning to build a greenhouse, plexiglass is a material you can rely on. Plexiglass is durable, sturdy, and keeps the perfect insulation for your greenhouse. The bi-polymer sheets in the plexiglass allow more illumination and insulation within a greenhouse.


Pros of Using plexiglass cover

  • It is UV-resistant

Due to the double layering of polymer sheets, plexiglass protects the inner plants and surroundings from the toxic rays from the sun. It can easily protect your greenhouse from the fatal ultra-violet rays.

  • It provides durability

Plexiglass is a durable and sturdy material, which will last long years. It is safer than a polycarbonate sheet.

  • It is stronger

Plexiglass or acrylic sheet is four times stronger than simple glass, making it a better candidate for installing in a greenhouse.


plexiglass cover


Use of Polycarbonate Sheets for Greenhouse 

Plastic is much better than glass because it provides much heat retention that is beneficial for the plants. Also, less heat is lost through a polycarbonate sheet.


How to Build a Greenhouse Bottom Line

If you have already decided to invest, and build your own greenhouse, invest in quality, it will cost a little more, but the greenhouse will last a very long time, and you can enjoy beautiful vegetables and plants all season.



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