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How to Have a Beautiful Backyard You’ll Never Want to Leave

How to Have a Beautiful Backyard

Your backyard is an outdoor extension of your home. Therefore, it should have all the amenities you want to entertain and engage your entire family.How to Have a Beautiful Backyard You’ll Never Want to Leave

Today’s tips will help you have the backyard that your neighbors can only dream of.

Decide on Projects

Most people do not have the same interests as their neighbors. And just because the Joneses added a pool doesn’t mean you have to have the same boring amenities.

Before you get started, make a list of projects that you might like to have. A few extreme ideas include:

  • A garden. Okay, so there’s nothing extreme about a standard garden. Still, if you’ve read the Irrigation Supplies blog about suburban farming, then you know that you can do so much more working in your backyard than just growing tomatoes and carrots.


  • Artificial turf. If you don’t enjoy mud and grass being tracked into your home, artificial turf is the way to go. Heavenly greens explain that this eliminates the need for mowing, and the kids and dogs can’t ruin your lawn. If you decided to go with real grass, here is an article that will help you choose the perfect grass seed for your region


  • A heated and cooled treehouse. Tree houses can be much more than just a place for the kids to hang out. If you need inspiration on the type of outdoor play platform you can build yourself, look at what’s been built in Sweden, Canada, and even Japan.


  • Go-kart track. A go-kart track is a great option for families who are serious about speed. You’ll definitely want to outsource this, as a go-kart track is similar to a road and must be designed with safety in mind. Having a go-kart track also makes it more fun to build your go-karts, which may cost as little as $400 if you purchase used parts.


  • Bowling alley. If you have advanced woodworking skills, the Hallmark Channel offers instructions on how to make a backyard bowling alley that will make your parties the hit of the neighborhood.


  • Outdoor kitchen. Love to cook? Take your culinary prowess outdoors with an outdoor kitchen that would rival anything found in a five-star restaurant. You can start simply with a grill, seating area, and fire pit, but don’t be shy about adding an outdoor sink, refrigerator, food prep surface, or built-in bar. RTA Outdoor Living offers plenty of ideas and inspiration.


Once you have decided which projects are your priority, you can start thinking about contractors. If you choose to do a backyard kitchen, for example, your first project may be to have your current concrete patio repaired (or have a new one installed. This is an expensive update, so spend some time looking to see who has the best price in the local area.

Plan for Lighting, Fencing, and Other Safety Features

There are many reasons that you’ll want to ensure safety in your backyard, especially if you have amenities that other people might like to “borrow” without asking.

Safety lighting is one of these. There are many different types of lighting, so make sure to spend some time looking at what makes the most sense for you. You might, for example, choose something similar to stadium lights. These are ideal for sports arenas such as football stadiums, but you can also find consumer-grade products that will help you keep your yard usable for well into the night while also keeping an eye on your property.. You’ll also want to install a fence, security camera, and motion detectors.


How to Have a Beautiful Backyard – Conclusion

Your home is your castle, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have every amenity you want right in your own backyard. So, skip past the swingset in the standard pool, and consider some of the untraditional and extreme ideas above. But, remember, invest in safety, and don’t forget to vet your contractors for quality and price.

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