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How to Unjammed the Jammed Hedge Trimmer?

The most usual reason for the hedge trimmer becoming jammed is because of forcing the machine to performHow to Unjammed the Jammed Hedge Trimmer_ Pinterest jobs that are suitable for it. Or in other words, work that is too much for it to handle. Not only for a hedge trimmer, but any trimmer with blades when used incorrectly will also get jammed sooner or later, whether it is electric, corded, or gas-powered. Although hedge trimmer jammed is a common problem, if that’s something that has happened to you while you were trimming your hedge then do not panic, because there are ways to get out of it. For that, we need to know a little deeper about hedge trimmer, how they work, and why they become jammed.

In this article, you will get to know more about what is a hedge trimmer and why it gets jammed. So let’s dive in.

This is a guest post article written by Mary Smith



What is a Hedge Trimmer?

Hedge trimmers are awesome gardening tools that come in many different styles and designs which indicates that buyers have a plethora of choices to choose from. They help to sharpen and shape your hedge and make it look more clean and fresh. So, in other words, a hedge trimmer can greatly reduce the time and effort needed to clean your hedge.

If you have a large hedge in your lawn or your garden, you will see that they grow quite fast, and especially during the rainy season. You will get to know the importance of having a hedge trimmer.


Why do we need a Hedge Trimmer?

A hedge trimmer is a very important gardening tool. It keeps your hedge clean and protects it from harsh weather. Only those who have a hedge will know how difficult it is to keep the hedge neat and clean. You need to employ a gardener every time to maintain the hedge.

However, if you have a hedge trimmer then it can make your life way easier. You can shape the hedge the way you want whether it is formal or informal. But it is not always rainbows and butterflies, because after using the hedge trimmer for a few months you will notice that the trimmer starts to get jammed. The likelihood of the blades of the hedge trimmer becoming jammed is quite high.


Why do most hedge trimmer become jammed and what is the solution?

As I already mentioned at the start of the blog that if you force the hedge trimmer, or use it incorrectly then it can become jammed. However, there are some other reasons as well. Sometimes it can be for something as small as some leaves, and sometimes it can be permanent as well if your hedge trimmer jammed has damaged blades. So the solution for each of the above types would be different.

Don’t panic because I will show you exactly how to unjammed a jammed trimmer step by step so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of trimming in the future.

  • The first thing you do is to switch off the power source before trying to unjam the trimmer. For a gas-powered one, you will need to unplug it. And for the electric one, you need to turn off the switch.
  • Then investigate where the problem started. Check the blades, see if there are any branches or leaves stuck in it. If so carefully remove or cut this debris using a pair of pruning shears.
  • In another case, if a large amount of debris stuck between the teeth of the blade, you need to first lay down the hedge trimmer jammed, and push a piece of dowel between to teeth and make sure while doing it you are wearing thick gloves as the teeth of the blades are quite sharp and might hurt you.
  • If you find that your machine is frequently getting jammed for no reason then there are definitely some issues with the blade, so check if there are any cracks on the blade or not. And if so unfortunately have to change the blades in order to prevent it from being jammed.

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And here are my final tips on how you can prevent your hedge trimmer from getting jammed in the future.

  • The blades of the trimmer must always be sharp.
  • Blades must be washed every time after use with soap.
  • It is recommended by experts to apply WD-40 to the blades to keep them newer for longer.



How to use the hedge trimmer like a Pro? 

As you might know that there are many different types of hedge trimmers, for example, electric hedge trimmer, the pole hedge trimmer, battery-powered hedge trimmer, and gas hedge trimmers. However, they still follow the same principle.

If you follow the following steps then I can guarantee you will have a safe and easier time with the hedge trimmer.


  • Evaluate the hedge- The first thing you need to do is to evaluate the hedge before using the trimmer. Mostly the gardening wants their hedge to shape inwards from the top.
  • Put a tarpaulin is the ground where you would want to do the trimmer and carry it where you go with the trimmer. This will protect the hedge.
  • You should regularly lubricate the blades and the positions which are continuously in motion. Grease the blade from top to bottom regularly. Make sure to turn the gears off properly before lubricating.
  • It is always wise to keep the blade away from you while working for safety purposes. By this, I mean that you should work by pointing the blade opposite to your body. It is the safest position to work in.
  • Trim Slow and Straight- Do not try to push your way through the hedge, always try to trim slowly and straight so that you do not harm the hedge and yourself
  • Last but not least, always take breaks while trimming it is to give the motor a break and prevent it from overheating.

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Jammed Hedge Trimmer Conclusion

That’s all, I hope the article about the hedge trimmer jammed was quite helpful Please visit my website for more informative articles and blog posts on Gardening tools. Best of luck!! And thanks for reading.

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