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kids herb garden ideas – introduction herbs for kids

kids herb garden ideas-introduction herbs for kids.easy diy kids garden projects! (besides my beautiful son picture) you'll learn about great kids garden projects backyard. with a simple kids garden kit, you'll have kids herb fun garden activities even for young children. with a kids garden tools outdoor play, your children will learn how to grow kids garden vegetable or kids garden the end you have some example for kids garden kit gift ideas. herb garden ideas – kids have a bit of a conflict with herbs(like my beautiful son in the picture)…

On the one hand, they like to plant them in the garden, water and take care of them.

however, if they see a green leaf in they’re plate, most of them will be reluctant to eat them.

I found out that the best way to connect them is their very own herb garden.


fun herb garden activities for kids

here is one of the coolest ideas (as you can see in my son’s picture)

Buy a herb garden set, which comes with a small flowerpot with soil and seeds of herbs.

The kids paint around the Flower box and then plant the seeds.


in addition, I also bought them a set of irrigation and garden tools.

From my experience, the children get very attached to the plants and Take care of them.

They will continue to be interested in their growth, weeks and even months later.

they will become familiar with the herbs and learn to cultivate them and will be proud of the results.

We always encourage them to smell the herbs plants, and you’ll be surprised, it sharpens their sense of smell, they will easily recognize the smells no matter where they are.

Of course, apart from a fun activity with the children, the children also show responsibility and a desire to care for the plants. They are proud that the plant is growing, and to my amazement, they were willing to taste what we cooked with the herbs, and of course, enjoy the health benefits of the herbs.


In the picture, as you can see, we take care of the roquette and basil we planted.




most importantly In the evening, instead of drinking Choco with milk and sugar, I just make them a healthy teapot, a mix of sage, Louisa and Ginger, a bit of lemon and mint.

the children love it and don’t even try to sweeten it.





as healthy as it gets!!!

Here are some great examples to connect your children with a herb garden, click on the image to check the price on Amazon

children herb   children herb   children herbkids garden herb tools


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kids herb garden ideas - introduction herbs for kids
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kids herb garden ideas - introduction herbs for kids
kids herb garden ideas - introduction herbs for kids - fun kids herb garden activities - fun kids herb garden. just look at my son smile!
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