Happy Hydro – Trellis Netting for Garden – Support for Flowers, Tomato Plants, Vines, and More – 3.5 Inch Mesh – 5′ H x 15′ W

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Maximize Your Garden’s Health and Yield!

Are you looking for the best way to maximize your garden in a limited space?

Do you want to prevent damage & crop loss from ground rot, mold, rodents and other hungry wildlife?

Get the most out of any indoor or outdoor grow space with Happy Hydro trellis netting!

Strong and Flexible Mesh

No more struggling! Our incredible mesh material is stretchy and flexible – making it easy on the hands and even easier to work with.

And the netting is sturdy and durable enough to easily bear the weight of heavy branches, veggies and ripe fruit.

Prevent Mold & Rot

Trellis netting allows you to space out leaf cover and elevate branches to avoid harboring mold or encouraging ground & stem rot in your plants.

Maximize Your Yields

There’s one quick way to instantly increase the yield on your next harvest – bring in the trellis netting!

Our versatile netting lets you customize your garden space horizontally or vertically and get the most out of every plant.

Ideal for:

  • Tomatoes
  • Beans
  • Sweet peas
  • Cucumbers
  • Squash
  • Grapes
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Flowers
  • And more!


5′ x 15′ (6″ square size)

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🌱GROW THE GARDEN OF YOUR DREAMS! Imagine a lush, flourishing sea of vibrant green teeming with richly blooming plants and healthy vegetables! Happy Hydro trellis netting lets you take the growth and direction of your garden exactly where you want it to be.
🍅EASY INDOOR & OUTDOOR GARDENING – Our trellis netting is designed for maximum versatility and superior durability. Mesh material is stretchy and easy to work with in tight or awkward spaces. Heavy duty yet flexible design is ideal for both horizontal and vertical gardening.
🌿INCREASE YIELD & HARVEST SIZE – Give your climbing plants, vines, flowers & veggies extra space to thrive! Use trellis netting to encourage bean & pea plants upwards, secure heavy flowers & tomato plants, support grapes, space out the leaf canopy & much more. Increase per plant and per light yields!
🍇SAFE & PROTECTIVE – Happy Hydro mesh netting is a safe, soft alternative to wooden or metal stakes with sharp edges. And it saves you money on materials! Set up around your outdoor garden to prevent plants from damage due to deer and wildlife.
🌼100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We can’t wait to add you to our ever ‘growing’ list of customers – and thriving gardens – loving the customization & space maximization they get from Happy Hydro’s trellis netting! Covered by our risk-free Refund or Replacement Guarantee.