Watering Globes- Mushroom Terracotta, 3 Self Watering System Spikes, Automatic Plant Waterer Irrigation Drippers, Plant…

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Discover How Effortless Watering Your Plants Can Be!

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Discover How Effortless Watering Your Plants Can Be!

As any gardener knows, maintaining a flourishing garden takes research, patience, and time. From composting to weeding, you already spend hours creating the perfect environment for your plants to thrive. Cut a tiring step out of the equation and let these mushroom Watering Globes do the watering! You don’t even wish to remove the watering stakes to refill them. Just use the hose or watering can to add water to your automatic watering system every 5 days, and marvel as your plants stay proud and perky.

Give Your Plants the Very Best!

Automatic irrigation systems are not just easier on you, they’re better for plants and the environment, too! With self WATERING SPIKES, you keep your plants constantly hydrated with less water than traditional watering methods. Plus, these Watering Globes devices keep the top level of soil dry to give protection to your plants against damaging pests.

Bring Brightness to Any Season!

This automatic watering system for potted plants and gardens isn’t just functional, it also makes a colorful observation! With red, blue, and green mushrooms in every 3-pack set, each handmade terracotta mushroom watering bulb gives a unique pop to any setting. Equal parts efficient and beautiful, this mushroom drip water system helps you maintain a natural garden that’ll draw all the neighbors’ attention.

The Easy Way to Water All Your Plants!

Help outdoor plants live through the summer, convert your pot into a self watering hanging planter, or replace your costly vacation plant waterer with these water globes for plants! Whether you have a few houseplants or an expansive outdoor garden, these watering wands will let you water less and enjoy more.

Gain keep watch over over your garden and add a set of mushroom self WATERING GLOBES your cart today!
STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES – Keep your plants happy and hydrated all year long without spending all your time watering. Simply pour water into the head of the mushroom .SELF WATERING BULBS, sit back, and watch your garden bloom!Watering Globes
CULTIVATE YOUR GARDEN ON THE GO – Stop depending on unreliable neighbors to take care of your garden even as you shuttle! Each. PLANT WATERING GLOBES holds 260 ml of water that it frequently releases over a 5-day period, so you’ll come home to a healthy, flourishing garden.
YEAR-ROUND COLOR – Don’t wait for your flowers to bloom to enjoy a pop of color! With bright, vibrant colors handmade by expert craftsman, your ceramic terracotta mushroom WATERING GLOBES wands won’t just keep your plants healthy; they are going to also add a unique touch to your garden.
DELIGHT A GARDENER – Plant a smile when you gift thes. PLANT WATERING GLOBES! With their new watering system, green thumbs are not the only ones that can grow thriving gardens! Everyone from beginner growers to Master Gardeners will love this easy way to- WATER PLANTS.
SIMPLE SYSTEM FOR SENSATIONAL PLANTS – Discover the effortless garden watering system for all of your plants – no matter where they’ve set down their roots! Instantly convert planters into SELF WATERING POTS to help house plants, hanging plants, and outdoor gardens thrive.