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10 Tips to Protect Your Garden From The Heat

Gardening in hot weather

With increasingly hot summers and more and more heatwaves, it is important to know how to protect your garden from the heat and the sun.With increasingly hot summers and more and more heatwaves, it is important to know how to protect your garden from the heat and the sun. Here are 10 important tips on how to protect your garden from the heat. gardening in extreme heat | gardening in heat | gardening in the heat | summer gardening ideas.

Some plants find it more difficult to withstand this climate, but there are tips to preserve them and give them a great summer. Plants, flowers, trees, and lawns all need specific treatment in the face of heat, whether in terms of watering, maintenance, or shade. Garden professionals give us all their tips to protect the garden from high temperatures in 10 tips.

This year again, the summer will be beautiful and hot. While this period is an opportunity for us to enjoy the swimming pool and the sun, the garden has a harder time resisting the heat. Temperatures and sunshine put some strain on some plants. So, in order not to see all the year’s efforts wasted in a few weeks, you must take care of your exterior in summer.


1. Prepare your garden well before summer and the heat

Before summer, take care of the garden by preparing it for sunny days. Prefer autumn plantings so that they have plenty of time to take root. These new plantings should be watched closely during their first two summers. Their roots are shallower. They have more difficulty getting the water and the necessary nutrients.

You have to start pruning the plants in the spring to develop better and be beautiful in the summer. The exterior of the house, therefore, requires constant maintenance but is adapted to the different seasons. You can also save your garden using polytunnels as it is one of the best ways to protect in any weather.


2. Select the right soil for your garden

Despite good watering, if the plant is not accompanied by the right soil, it will have poor resistance to high temperatures. It is via the earth that plants “drink,” so you need a suitable conductor.

I recommend choosing draining soil with pebbles so that the water does not stagnate and the plants absorb what they need. It can be accompanied by a little boost of vitamins at the start of the season, especially when the plants are in pots because we tend to have soil that is impoverished. Ask a garden center or your supplier to select the right soil for your plants.

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3. Mulching, the ally of gardens in the face of heat

One of the biggest challenges in summer is evaporation. With heat, the water used in watering the garden disappears more quickly, and the plants or the lawn do not have time to absorb everything. To overcome this problem, use the mulching technique. Vegetable mulching feeds the fauna of the soil, which transforms the mulch into a nutrient for plants. It also limits evaporation, and watering is more efficient. Water is saved: it is ecological and economical.

In the vegetable garden, mulching avoids projections of soil on the lower leaves when watering the tomatoes. It is this protection that prevents mildew on the fruits. It specifies that you can choose a vegetable or mineral mulch. In winter, it will also help protect the earth from cold and frost.

4. Select the right varieties of plants

Not all plants in the garden are suitable for hot weather. Hydrangeas or Japanese maples, for example, are more sensitive to the sun and lack of humidity. Depending on your location, you must therefore select the right varieties.

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5. Watch out for potted plants in the garden

The garden is not only plants in the ground, lawns, and trees, and it is also planted in pots. The latter requires more attention because they are more fragile, their roots are less developed and shallower. It is, therefore, necessary to both water it and feed it. It requires more water in summer, especially when it is very hot, during a heatwave.

It is necessary to favor “terracotta pots which retain more moisture and freshness than plastic ones.” With this, plants and shrubsin pots will withstand high temperatures better. Also, remember to move them in the shade in the afternoon to avoid too aggressive the sun.


6. Test automatic watering before summer

Automatic watering with a timer is often the ideal solution to protect your garden from the heat, especially when you go on vacation. Distributes just what the plants need to have a great summer. You can get an automatic watering system with Amazon Coupons.

7. Think about alternative solutions to protect your garden from the heat

Automatic watering is not the only solution that exists to protect your garden from the heat during the summer. Sometimes, it is impossible to install one because you do not have a water supply or an outlet on your exterior.

We suggest turning to models operating based on a large reservoir and solar energy when it comes to planters and potted plants. This semi-porous clay cone fills approximately every 4-6 days, and your plants take in only the water they need every day. Like an automatic feed dispenser for animals, but a plant-based version!

To space the fillings, the professional suggests combining them with an upside-down water bottle, serving as a reservoir. If you are placing certain plants indoors during your vacation, water jelly is also a solution to consider. The plant must still benefit from light in this specific case, so do not close the shutters! You can also appeal to a charitable soul: “make an exchange of good practices with your neighbor! He maintains your vegetable garden during your absence. In exchange, you give him vegetables or take care of his garden during his vacation. “A good way to bond with the neighborhood.


8. Water your plants at the right times

Due to the heat, the water evaporates quickly in the garden. Professionals, therefore, advise watering at the coolest hours, early in the morning or late at night. “In summer, it is better to water in the evening, but in spring/autumn, in the morning to avoid frost,” confirms the professional.

In fact, by giving the plants water in the evening, you allow them to recover better in the cool of the night. It is safer to water the garden twice a day at times when there is not yet great heat. This especially applies to heatwave periods where temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees after the sun goes down.

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9. Watch out for the afternoon sun

In summer, the sun is most aggressive in the afternoon. The heat rises faster in the garden. Therefore, it is necessary to place certain plants in the shade at this time of the day by moving the plants in pots under an arbor.

But it also requires good reflection during the design of the garden. You really have to take the time to look at the ideal location for each plant, giving more shade to those that need it.


10. Favor a dry garden that is more resistant to heat

For those who live in hot regions, we suggest the dry garden. This type of garden is designed to better withstand heat and high temperatures. “It is made up of plants which have the specificity of being little or not watered”.

All these plants are found in the dry garden. More generally, Mediterranean-type plants like this type of environment. “They go to rest in the summer by drying up and slowing down their cycle. That’s why they don’t have flowers. In summer, but have a double flowering in spring and autumn. This is the technique to make the beautiful season easier.


Protect your garden from the heat bottom line

Adapt your garden to your area of residence, and plan it correctly. Remember, even though it is very hot in the summer, this does not mean that you cant enjoy a blooming and green garden that does not even have to be followed by an expensive water bill.



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