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Critical Factors To Think Before You Re-Sod The Garden Lawn

When you are thinking re-sod the garden lawn you need to go through a few points before making the finalCritical Factors To Think Before You Re-Sod The Garden Lawn - When you are thinking re-sod the garden lawn you need to go through a few points before making the final decision, there are important steps you must go throw to avoid future headaches save time and money. decision. It is important because if there is no need for it then you can save money and time, sometimes you just doing something in the wrong way, like water your lawn at the wrong time.

This is a guest post article written by David Kramer from Atlanta sod farms


Know The Process Of The Re-Sodding

When you are re-sodding the garden it is important to know the process of the installation. 

Evaluate The Already Laid Sod

You have to evaluate whether re-sodding lawn whole is required or patches can be ordered. Also, the accurate measurement of the sod grass must be made.

Judge The Quantity Of Sod Grass Needed

When judging the quantity of that is needed you have to be very careful because too less sod grass will create further problems.

Decide For The Type To Replace With

You have to find the circumstances of the damage of the sod. Only after that, you can decide on the type of sod that has to be replaced with the old one.

Request The Sod From Best Supplier

When you have decided on the kind of sod grass you want to replace for example Emerald Zoysia, you can order the sod from the best supplier who has the most variety.

Prepare The Ground For Installment

In the meantime you are waiting for the sod to arrive, this is the best time to prepare the land of the re-installing.

The Laying Of Sod Is Same

As soon as you receive the sod grass is delivered to you, you have to immediately install it because after a couple of days it will be ruined.

Take Care Of The Grass Is Important

It is also important that you know the right way to maintain the re-sodded Emerald Zoysia or any other sod that you have chosen. Without it, there is very little chance that the sod will grow as planned.

What Are The Reasons For Re-Sodding With Emerald Zoysia?

The first factor to consider is to know the reason for re-sodding the Emerald Zoysia. Sometimes the homeowners just want to have a brand new garden so they re-sod it. But other serious reasons are mentioned below:

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The Insects Have Attacked

Although the sod grass is immune to bugs and pests sometimes various chemicals and rainwater can create circumstances of insect attack. The insects can damage the leaves by eating it.

Fungus And Weed Damage

A lot of moisture and other weather conditions can create weed and fungus that can turn the grass brown. Other reasons are over-watering, the wrong technique of mowing, and applying more fertilizer.

Injury Related To Pets

The Emerald Zoysia in Atlanta can be damaged by pets as well which is one of many reasons to re-sod the lawn. The pets run all day, urinate and poop on the grass.

Inappropriate Quantity Of Water

If you apply too much or less quantity of water then it will give severe circumstances. Less water will burn the grass and turn it brown and more quantity can create fungus.

Not Enough Or Too Much Sunlight

There are sod grasses that are more tolerant of sunlight than others. Some grasses can resist the shade. You have to find the right type of sod from companies like Atlanta Sod Farms.

Re-Sod The Garden Bottom Line

Remember, before you start to re-sod the garden lawn, you must go through the steps we mentioned above.
This will help you avoid future headaches save time and money.

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