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How to Sharpen A Lawn Mower Blade With A File

How to sharpen a lawn mower blade

If you are a lawn lover and want to maintain it in a green and lush condition, you will spend hours with a specialist talking about this. You will know about the best fertilizers, weed removers, and the latestHow to Sharpen A Lawn Mower Blade With A File - There are many ways to sharpen the lawn mower blades. Read this guide to get the sharp blades to give your green plot a lush green inspiring look.  #lawnmowerblades #lawnmower #lawngardening #MowerBlade #mowers  lawn mower blades | lawn mower blades ideas | sharpen lawn mower blades | how to sharpen lawn mower blades | lawn mower repair | lawn mower repair craftsman | mower blade sharpening jig gardening tools and techniques. However, if you want to know the easiest hack and conserve the lawn in tip-top condition, then the lawnmower is the central point of the whole process.

A lawnmower helps you get a handsome, lush, green lawn that comforts your eyes and makes you feel fresh. However, the sharp lawnmower blades are necessary and obligatory components for a lavish and grassy lawn that ensure even cuts on the grass.

You must have a lawnmower in your storeroom that helps you cut the grass evenly and provide a posh and rich look of the grassplot after a week or two. So, it is obvious that over time, the mower blades get inevitably dull. The dull blades then cut the uneven grass and quickly discolored the torn grass edges. Use lawn mower sharpens blades to cut the grass perfectly, and you can sharpen these blades in many ways. So, you won’t get a beautiful green yard of your choice; however, someone reading this article might get by following the given techniques.

You can get your desired outcome by sharpening the lawnmower blades. This article is a complete guide on how you can sharpen the blades of a lawnmower.

Tools & material
● Rags
● Socket
● Vise
● File
● Lubricant
● Gloves

This article is a guest post by Anna Waltor.

A DIY guide to sharpening the lawn mower blades

Step 1: Remove the blades

Remove the blades


Before removing the lawnmower blades, you need to check up on the spark plug quickly. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the plug to avoid any damage. It is always recommended to remove the spark plug when you are working with the blades.

● Turn the mower over so the air filter and carburetor are facing up. Oil and gas will not drip into the air filter by doing so. Keep in mind that filter and carburetor cleaning is also necessary to improve quality work from time to time.
● You can add a clear marking on the blade so you don’t face difficulty when reinstalling it.
● Now loosen the blade by unscrewing the bolt with a wrench.
● Once you remove the blade, turn your mower back on until you are ready to reinstall the blade.

Step 2: Sharpening the dull blade

Take a file to sharpen the dull blade edges. Sharpen the blade until it is sharp like a butter knife.

You can use grinders to sharpen the blade instead of a file, but they are difficult to handle. The grinder might overdo the sharpening and damage your blade.

Tip: When you remove the blade, examine the blade with a hawk to determine whether the blade requires sharpening or you should replace it.


Step 3: Filing angle must be correct

Filing angle must be correct


Always look for the right cutting angle of the blade and sharpen it from the top edge. This way, sharpening will give long-lasting sharp blades.
Tip: The file only sharpens the blade in a direction while doing a push stroke.


Step 4: Check the blade balance

For best results on the lawn, you should check the blade’s balance using a nail if you find one side of the blade dips, file that side a little more to balance it on the nail.
An unstable lawn mower blade will cause vibrations in the machine and damage the bearings or blade shaft, so it is very important to balance the blades.


Step 5: Install back the blade on the lawn mower.

Install back the blade on the lawn mower


Once you are done with filing and balancing, it’s time to put the blade back on carefully. Put the blade according to the marked paint and fix it by tightening the bolt.
You are all done with the sharpening of the lawnmower blade. Head to your green plot to give it a new look.

Benefits of sharp blades of a lawnmower

The sharpened lawn mower blades cut the lawn grass quickly and easily. It gives smooth and even top grass to the yard. On the other side, using dull blades on the grassplot ruins the grass and damages the area. Using a sharp-bladed lawnmower furnishes the greener and lusher look of the garden, and it is less prone to diseases and pests.

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Signs that the lawnmower blades require sharpening

Signs that the lawnmower blades require sharpening


It is very easy to know that your lawnmower blades are demanding some hands-on them for sharpening. Here are some signs that will help you in this case.

1. Uneven grass height
2. A dull blade will require you to mow the grass multiple times
3. If the blade is dull, it takes longer to mow
4. The mowing machine will require more force to mow. In simple words, you will have to push it harder.
5. Have a look at your blade. If there are any dents on the blade, it’s time to give them a sharpening hand or a complete replacement.
6. A dull blade will leave yellow or brown patches on the lawn.
7. The mowing machine is pulling the grass and dirt as well

After how much time should you sharpen the lawnmower blades?

For the best use of your lawnmower and to get the finest results, one must sharpen the lawnmower blades after use of 20 to 25 hours. Moreover, the replacement of the blade is not very expensive, so you can go for a replacement too when you see any of the above-given signs of dull blades.


Lawn Mower Blade Wrap Up!

The sharpening of lawn mower blades is not a tough task if you desire a lush green lawn. Sharp blades are critical to giving the perfect, smooth, and even top look of the yard. So, sharpen the blades after a week or two or after 20 to 25 hours of using the machine.
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