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soaker hose diy from an old garden hose – simple step by step guidance.

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All you need is an old hose thrown in your garage or your neighbor’s garage (if you can’t find one, you can always buy a cheap hose at a nearby store).soaker hose diy from an old garden hose - simple step by step guidance. All you need is an old hose, Charged Drill and about 3/64 drill bit, and hose cap to close the other end of the hose. This is it! you have a diy soaker hose ready to use! The article explains each step and how to do it correctly. soaker hose diy how to make|soaker hose diy drip irrigation|diy soaker hose irrigation|diy soaker hose raised bed gardens|diy soaker hose plants|garden hose repurpose diy. #diy#hose#garden#soaker
Drill or push pin to make holes, hose cap to close the other end of the hose.
And lay your new DIY soaker hose on the ground or under the ground.
This is it!

you have a diy soaker hose ready to use!

But yet, let’s explain a little bit more, on each step and how to do it correctly.



required tools for a DIY soaker hose

Old garden hose, if you can’t find one, buy a cheap hose, Just pay attention that you are buying the appropriate length.

to prepare the holes for the soaker hose, there are several options.
Choose what you’re comfortable with.
You can click on the link to see the product and its cost on Amazon.


Charged Drill and about 3/64 drill bit


20d (or similar) Nail


push pin

and Hose cap – To block the water at the end of the hose.


Understand the garden area to fit your soaker hose

The answer is divided into two

If the garden already exists and has plants:

Measure the length of the hose you need (its important to Measure
before you buy or use the old), and where to make the holes according to the plants that already exist.

To mark the holes, you can use permanent markers or stickers.

Or just make the holes on the spot.


If you have not planted anything in the garden yet

understand which plants you are planning to plant and at what distances.

tip: Make sure the plants need the same amount of light and the same amount of water.

This step is especially important if you intend to put the hose underground.

If you decide to lay the hose on the ground, it is better to first plant the plants and only then mark the holes.



Steps for making the soaker hose

-To poke holes along the length, I suggest you start with the most narrow pointy object you have around the house. like a push pin, or the smallest drill bit.
The push pins poke through the rubber easily.

tip: when you’re hammering or drill your holes, Be careful not to make a hole too big.

You can always go back and make the holes bigger if you need, but if you make them too big, to begin with, you can’t fix them later.

– attach the hose cap onto one end of the hose.
this way you’re water will come out gently out of the holes that you made, and not from the end of the hose.


now you need to decide if you want your soaker system to be movable or underground, depending on your watering needs, And your garden situation(like I mention before).


underground soaker hose

If you plan to put the hose underground, I suggest Bury the soaker hose under a few inches of mulch to prevent evaporation(Only if you want to make it even more professionally, but you don’t have to).
if not, burying it about 2 inches underground.


above ground soaker hose

lay the hose in the area that you want to water, be sure that you cover all of the territories that need watering(If you have a large space in the garden, you may need to attach two hoses together).

make sure o leave enough hose to connect to your water source.


How to irrigate with a soaker hose

To save water and guarantee deep watering, Experts recommend using it for 30 minutes on an average.
Adjust the amount of soaking you do according to your location and your plants.
If you want to learn more about the irrigation, click here to my article, How long to run soaker hose?

tip: Remove the end cap from your soaker hose Once every six months and flush the hose with water to remove any dirt.

This is especially important if you buried your hose under mulch.

If you’re afraid you’ll forget to water your plants or turn off the water, use a hose timer, And it will do the job for you.

You can use a timer that has a built-in rain sensor.

I am using Instapark timer, Its price is low and it does a great job!

click here if you want to check price and review on Amazon.

This is a very useful device.
It detects if the ground is already wet, if yes, your irrigation automatically skips your scheduled watering.



why you should use a soaker hose in your garden

first soaker hoses remain stationary, you do not need to drag heavy hoses every time you want to water, it is very convenient.

secondly, a soaker hose will wet the soil evenly and slowly.
no valuable water is wasted by evaporation, and water is delivered directly to the roots.

third, Soaker hose watering keeps the soil moist but never to flood and kipping the plants healthier.



DIY soaker hose summery

As you now understand, preparing a soaker hose from an old hose is quite simple, quick and cheap.

with your homemade soaker hose, your hose timer, they will work together for you.

you will save your time, you will save water, And your plants will get water straight to the roots, they will bloom and be healthy!

If you have additional questions, or tips to share with us, please write the comments below.

thank you!

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soaker hose diy from an old garden hose - simple step by step guidance.
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soaker hose diy from an old garden hose - simple step by step guidance.
soaker hose diy - youll need old garden hose , Charged Drill ,and hose cap. This is it! The article explains each step and how to do it correctly.
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