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what herbs grow well together? - companion planting

What Herbs Grow Well Together? – Companion Planting Herbs

What herbs grow well together – Planting herbs together is a step toward a flowering garden. Moreover, Growing herbs together can promote the health and growth of your garden. Some herbs will help deter insects because their plant together will help you heal diseases(i wrote an article on how to use herbs for common medical […]

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basil companion plants - growing plants together!

basil companion plants – easy herbs to grow at home!

basil companion plants with vegetables and herbs list: tomatoes peppers asparagus potatoes beets chili marigolds oregano chives Lavender Chamomile Green onions rosemary If you’re looking for more ideas about companion planting, click here to my what herbs grow well together article.   people ask me: Can I Plant Rosemary & Basil Together? or can I […]

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