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Growing winter vegetables in a window box

Growing winter vegetables in a window box – There is nothing like growing vegetables on the balcony, but it is difficult.Growing winter vegetables in a window box
Nevertheless, if there is an ideal season to grow vegetables on the balcony, it is winter, yes yes you heard it right, winter.

Why, because there are not many pests and not many diseases, so this is the ideal time.

Three groups of vegetables for winter

1- All roots and stems – those that are underground and slightly above the ground.
Carrots, radish, root celery, root parsley, potato, turnip, and the kohlrabi both green and purple that are slightly above the ground.

2 – leaves – are actually the easiest group to grow and the fastest – lettuce, roquette, kale, spinach, mangold, parsley, coriander, dill, garlic leaves and etc…

3 – Fruits – It takes them longer because you have to wait for flowering and for the fruit to grow from the flowering – cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, artichoke, strawberries and more …


winter Roots to eat

for example radish seeds.

radish seeds When to sow

radish seeds

When to sow: I less like working with seeds, but there are some that prefer, because it cost less.

with seeds, there is no 100% success, so we plant them relatively dense.

Seedlings can be planted 4 inches to 8 inches apart.

The high of the pot for radish is recommended to be at least 8 inches.

For the seeds Use your finger to make a hole in the soil, if all the seeds will grow, You could always dilute
planted in dry soil and then water the seeds.

Use your finger to make a hole

Use your finger to make a hole

When I water, the soil goes down a bit and then the height will be an inch deep.


winter Edible leaves

For edible leaves I take a planter, the planting height of the planter 4 inches at a minimum, recommended as high as possible.
Make 4 inches spacer, for all greens like lettuce and mangold, Kyle should give 11 inches of space, because it takes up volume.

The benefit of planting plants on seeds is between 4 and 6 weeks, so sowing seeds is best done in the fall.
Plant the seedlings in a zigzag form, tighten the soil, and of course, water the plants.

Plant the seedlings in a zigzag form

Plant the seedlings in a zigzag form

Do not eat the leaves immediately, you must let the seedling grow, and the one that grows eat the outer leaves, the ones that fall down.

winter fruits to eat

Cauliflower – needs a planting depth of at least 11 inches, because it has high roots, And she needs to get out a big flower.
Everything that gives fruit needs between 11 inches and 19 inches of space.
It’s better to plant one in every plant.

It's better to plant one fruit in every plant

It’s better to plant one fruit in every plant

In terms of fertilization, lentils are excellent, as I show in the article, Best Organic Fertilizer Plants – You Have at Home Right Now.

it’s important to constantly fertilize.


Seedling Location in Windowbox and Pot

fruits – as much sun as possible

Leaves – do not need sun, will do fine in the shade, but in winter sun they will grow fine.

Roots – preferably full sun

Irrigation-we will be given in the first days to make the soil Moist, after few days if the soil is dry then water if the soil moist do not irrigate

Important tip – to aerate the soil and add new soil, it should continue to be fed constantly.


Growing winter vegetables in a window box Summary

Fruits – they large, so they need full sun, large potted plants, need 30 to 50 cm spaces.

Leaves – no problem with shade, spacing every 10 cm

Roots – Full sun, 10 to 20 cm wide.

And this is it, you have an awesome Garden Food to eat!

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