Gardening Solutions Hydro Globes Mini Automatic Watering Bulbs, 2 Piece Deluxe Set

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Did you know healthy plants remove toxins from the air and allow you to breathe easier?

See images above to view our hand blown stained-glass watering bulbs that are easy to use and benefit the whole family!

– Enjoy healthy plants without micromanagement – leave them unattended for up to two weeks at a time.

– Simply fill each watering globe with water, firmly stick it into your potted plant and you’re finished

– Decorate your garden with genuine hand-blown aqua globes – each one is unique!

– The ball itself is 4.3 inches in diameter, while the stem is 12 inches in length so it can be used with even the deepest potted plants.

– When shipped, your water globes will be encased in Styro-Foam packaging, which ensures the delicate glass will remain intact on its way to you

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Enjoy perfectly watered plants while away on vacation for up to two weeks at a time
Easy to use and saves time – simply fill with water, insert aqua bulb and adore your healthy plants
Genuine hand blown glass design decorates your home or garden while being practical at the same time
Ball is 4.3″ in diameter while 12-inch stem is long enough to self-water the deepest of pots
Can be used indoors or outdoors – use with houseplants, hanging plants or patio plants












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