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oscillating sprinkler water advantages and disadvantages

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oscillating sprinkler water advantages and disadvantages.

If you are currently trying to figure out which way to water your garden.If you are currently trying to figure out which way to water your garden. In this article, I present the oscillating sprinkler water disadvantages and advantages of the irrigation system and the product itself. You can also read reviews written by other consumers. lawn watering ideas yards|lawn watering backyards|lawn watering system sprinkler|lawn water grass|lawn irrigation sprinkler|lawn irrigation home|irrigation sprinkler lawn. #oscillating#sprinkler#lawn#grass#irrigation#gardening.

And one of the ways you thought is an oscillating sprinkler.

This article will help you, to make the decision!

In this article, I present the oscillating sprinkler water disadvantages and advantages of the irrigation system and the product itself.

You can also read reviews written by other consumers.

It is highly recommended to read the conclusions I wrote at the end of the article.

If you want to know more about watering with an oscillating sprinkler, and for how long.
Click here, to how long to water the lawn with an oscillating sprinkler? article.

good luck!

oscillating sprinkler advantages


  • if you are only renting the property. You don’t want to be installing an expensive and hard to remove an underground sprinkler system.

  • oscillating lawn sprinkler can provide more effective width and length control, ensuring better water distribution.

  • By using an Oscillator you make sure that your water easily, sparingly (but adequately), and evenly, meaning little to no dry patches.

  • Good for a garden that needs to be irrigated in several areas.

oscillating sprinkler water advantages and disadvantages - oscillating sprinkler flower bed

oscillating sprinkler use for a flower bed.

  •  Spreading only what’s needed, rather than flooding your garden and running your water costs up, which can take a heavy toll in arid climates.

  • allows slow penetration of water into the soil.

  • they are useful for large, even areas, such as a lawn.

  • Very little can go wrong with your typical hose-and-oscillating-sprinkler setup.

  • the units allow you to set the water output and the range of the sprinkle



oscillating sprinkler disadvantages


  • Smaller oscillating sprinkler systems might not deliver water for every inch of your lawn. This means you’ll have to move it around and reposition the oscillating sprinkler often for an even spread.

  • The problem with an Oscillating sprinkler is that it can be moved unexpectedly. you nudge or trip the hose, your pet plays with it, the pressure makes it jump around.

  • oscillating sprinkler likely to evaporate more than with other methods of watering.

  • Some of the products (according to the reviews) break down quickly, so you should review the product before buying.

oscillating sprinkler water advantages and disadvantages - oscillating sprinkler crack

crack in the main body and water comes out from it.

  •  water at the edge of the pattern may run into the street, driveway, or sidewalk, wasting water and money.
  • water can be blown about by the wind.


What do customers saying about the oscillating sprinkler

After we understood the general advantages and disadvantages of the oscillating sprinkler.
I read quite a lot of consumer reviews and their questions and answers.
Here are a few more important points added by consumers:


oscillating advantages

  • adjust the width of water flow – adjusts each jet to aim toward the center or more outward.- control the pressure of the water (to limit the length of the stream of water).

  • The controls are great if you want to pinpoint a certain area or have just a long stretch of land but don’t want to water the outside of that range.

  • The ability to match some of the situations like grass, flower bad, etc…

  • some of the products oscillating have a tool to clean clogged jets (my old sprinkler had a few clogged jets that I was never able to clear).

  • it’s very expensive, and maintaining to fit irrigation if you have a few different areas in your garden.


oscillating disadvantages

  • Many complaints repeat themselves, of non-quality material, the pieces of plastic breakfast.

    Even if you’ll buy 2 oscillating sprinklers of the same model, one could work for years and the other stop working after a month.

  • Another complaint that appears quite a bit that the hose cannot be connected to the unit.

    some claim that there is no problem, but quite a few claims that they can not connect, so pay attention to it!

  • if you have, a low water pressure (like old city pipes).

    Most oscillating sprinklers will not even move.


oscillating sprinkler water advantages and disadvantages conclusion

One of my main conclusions from the research.

The majority of customers like the oscillating sprinkler very much.
But, as long as the product works.

One of the big problems is that the materials can break down quickly or have a few malfunctions.

Still, there are quite a few customers who claim that their product has worked for years without problems.
It’s a bit confusing I know.

The good news is that of all the oscillating sprinkler I have reviewed.
The Sun Joe SJI-OMS16, which is relatively cheap (about 20$), is considered one of the most successful models, and most consumers love it very much.

you can check the price and review on Amazon here.


the new models seem to be improving, and the product has become much more reliable.


most important conclusions:

check whether there is a warranty and for how long, due to the chance of a problem in the first year.


last, one important Tip from my experience:

One way to make them last a little longer is to bring them in, out of the sun.
drain the water out of them so there’s no standing water in the mechanism.


If you have any further questions or would like to share your conclusions from your personal experience.

please write a comment below. Thank you!


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