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Dog Water Dispenser Pet Fountain – Upgraded 2019 Easy Paw Activated Dog Steps Eco-Friendly Pet Water Fountain with New Durable Leak-Proof Dog Bowl Hose Fresh Water Funny Dog Toys Keep Pets Cool Price: $38.80 (as of 13/11/2019 02:41 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Don’t deprive your pets of fresh drinking water because of a busy schedule or lack of time to carefully refill water bowls our animal water fountain offers a private

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Don’t deprive your pets of fresh drinking water because of a busy schedule or lack of time to carefully refill water bowls our animal water fountain offers a private tap for your beloved pet, and a fresh stream of water when needed! BringerPet Auto Dog Water Dispenser Stagnant water in a bowl can quickly get contaminated with dust, dirt, pet hair, etc., while also discouraging consumption water from this platinum pet fountain is the best opportunity for your pet to drink some fresh flowing water from large dog water bowl Force of pet water stream can be easily changed by adjusting the hose’s spigot, making it equally suitable as a big dog water fountain, small dog water fountain, or a dog drinking Fountain Paddle of dog waterer with a paw design can be easily pressed by your pet, and the included instruction manual helps you train your pet to quickly learn how to use this pet drinking fountain Thanks to the high quality of our stainless steel pet fountain (automatic) it can’t be damaged even by very rambunctious pets includes a bronze valve and a strong, durable hose, copper dog bowl Excellent quality paint ensures high rust resistance and long life of small water fountain for dogs even outdoors -Fresh & flowing water encourages dogs to drink more, thus improving their overall health – say good-bye to pet drinking problems thanks to our water bowls for dogs No batteries, no power supply, and no need for filter certainly the best dog fountain with automatic water bowl pet dish ever TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF AUTO PET WATER DISPENSER Material: iron metal ,Hose length: 40 inches Paddle Size: 9.3, 9.4, 2.1 (L,W,H) Paddle weight: 3.7lbs 100 RISK GUARANTEE ORDER NOW Get this Dog Water System right away.
CONTINUOUS FRESH DOG WATER FOUNTAIN supply ensures your dog can quench his/hers thirst 24/7, even in your absence – with our automatic water bowl for dogs never worry about forgetting to refill the pet bowls again.
Self-Service water dish for dogs ENCOURAGES MORE CONSUMPTION and satisfies pets cravings with flowing water which improves overall health – dog water drinking fountain also eliminates the risk of water-borne diseases caused by stagnant water!
EASY TO USE the fountain water feeder for dogs can be conveniently connected to a faucet or hose. Water bowl offers a gentle stream and a simple push on the paw design allows for easy adjustment of the stream force!
PREMIUM QUALITY drink fountain boasts a sturdy metallic build, durable hose, and BRASS VALVE in comparison to a standard plastic one .The High-quality paint ensures high rust resistance. Unique colorful paw design puppy bowl pedal stimulates buddies and ensures interactive feeding and watering to make our pets happy and healthy with fresh water dog toys.
EASY SET UP big dog fountain interactive training manual included* – makes it easy to teach your pup how to use dog water bowls with fun. Automatic water bowl pet dish included with a special crane Y adapter for hoses. Don’t miss this unbeatable deal!