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when to plant herbs and where – summer herbs winter herbs and decorative herb

when to plant herbs – If you have a new garden or you just want to renew your garden, Herbs will probably be part of it.when to plant herbs and where - summer herbs winter herbs and decorative herb. Season changes and you want to make a change in the garden, to fit the upcoming season. In the article, you will find a list of spring herbs to plant, summer herbs to plant, fall herbs to plant, winter herbs outdoor plants, full sun herbs plants, partial shade herbs plants, herb garden tips outdoor, decorative herbs garden ideas. herb gardening tips how to grow. #herb#garden#season#summer#winter#outdoor#plant

In this article, you will find out when to plant your favorite and most popular Herbs and where.

In addition, if you scroll down, you will find a few simple tips that will upgrade your garden and make it flowering and healthy herbs garden.

if you are planting indoor herbs or outdoor, pot or container, and need help, use my herb guide!



when to plant herbs

Summer herbs planting:


mint                                                     sage                                          oregano

when to plant herbs - mint                     when to plant herbs - sage                   when to plant herbs - oregano


thyme                                             tarragon                                     basil

when to plant herbs - thyme                  when to plant herbs - tarragon                    when to plant herbs - basil


chives                                                 parsley                                     rosemary

when to plant herbs - chives                   when to plant herbs - parsley                  when to plant herbs - rosemary


coriander                                            Dill                                          Fennel

null                   when to plant herbs - dill                  when to plant herbs - fennel



when to plant herbs - lemongrass


full sun herbs:

            basil                                                 mint                                       thyme

Full sun herbs basil                     Full sun herbs mint                       Full sun herbs thyme


       coriander                                        Chives                                  rosemary

  Full sun herbs coriander                   Full sun herbs chives                   Full sun herbs rosemary


           sage                                          Lemongrass

  Full sun herbs sage                     Full sun herbs lemongrass

partial shade herbs:


         Mint                                            Parsley                                  coriander


partial shade herbs Mint                   partial shade herbs Parsley                    partial shade herbs coriander



       Chives                                      lemon balm                        Thyme


partial shade herbs Chives                   partial shade herbs lemon balm                  partial shade herbs Thyme


   sweet woodruff                              tarragon 


partial shade herbs sweet woodruff                    partial shade herbs tarragon


Fall/winter herbs:


     Green onion                                roquette                                celery

Fall/winter herbs Green onion                   Fall/winter herbs roquette                  Fall/winter herbs celery


        lavender                              Winter savory

Fall/winter herbs lavender                       Fall/winter herbs Winter savory


Decorative floral herbs:


              purple basil                                                                                 Italian oregano


Decorative/floral herbs purple basil                                                 Decorative/floral herbs Italian oregano


             lavender                                                                                              hyssop 


Decorative/floral herbs lavender                                                 Decorative/floral herbs hyssop


           Garlic chives                                                                            Roman chamomile    


Decorative/floral herbs Garlic chives                                                       Decorative/floral herbs Roman chamomile


               Catmint                                                                                       blue sage 


Decorative/floral herbs Catmint                                           Decorative/floral herbs blue sage


                 Yarrow                                                                                  Echinacea 


Decorative/floral herbs Yarrow                                               Decorative/floral herbs Echinacea



herb garden tips for winning garden herbs

-If you have a medical problem, it is known that herbs are nature’s medicines.

If you have a medical problem, it is known that herbs are nature’s medicines.
So choose the right herbs that you plant.
You can use my article Herbal remedies solution for help.

-Combine the right herbs

Not all herbs require the same care, which is why it is best to combine herbs with the same care in the same planter or garden bed.

Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, oregano, and sage enjoy full sun and not too much water.
Basil, chives, and parsley, on the other hand, prefer drinking a little more.

for more details read what herbs grow well together article, It will help you organize your garden!.

-How will you know that the plant is getting enough water? Examine it the like the way a cake is checked-place, a wooden toothpick or skewer in the potting soil. If it comes out smooth – it is best to water (until the water reaches the drain).


In any case – keep the soil always moist.


-herbs plants that grow indoors need ventilation. Place them near a window and keep it open for a couple of hours.


-It is important to ensure equal exposure to light from all sides of the pot. For this purpose, the pot or the flowerpot should be rotated from time to time, so that all parts of the plant will receive an equal amount of sun.

Here are some options I liked, which can be easily rotated flowerpot -, for checking the Amazon price, click on the image

rotated flowerpot    rotated flowerpot   rotated flowerpot


– The leaves of the herbs are meant for velvet, and the branches are also allowed to prune, but it is worth noticing not to prune more than a third of the plant to allow it to grow again.

– The best time to harvest herbs is early in the morning on a sunny day.

when to plant herbs summery

there’s just the way it is(sing it)
Herbs will always be an interesting part of the garden
The smell, the food, the health, the children’s education.
A little proper treatment and the pampering the smell and beauty of them will be perfect.

Good luck, friends!



If you have more interesting tips, how to grow a great herb garden.

please share with us in the comments below, thanks!


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when to plant herbs and where  - summer herbs winter herbs and decorative herb
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when to plant herbs and where - summer herbs winter herbs and decorative herb
when to plant herbs-new garden or you just want to renew,Herbs will probably be part of it.find out when and where to plant your favorite Herbs .
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